16 December 2009

what dreams are made of

Two things I love right now:

1. Stephen Colbert (I mean, how can you not!?)

2. The song Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys

If you're with me, you gotta watch this...

11 December 2009

a doggy Christmas surprise

Friend J at work sent this to me today saying that next time her and The Captain have a slumber party she's gonna teach him to do this!

Hope it puts a smile on your face and a warm feeling of cheer in your heart like it did mine.
Happy Holidays!


06 November 2009

miss me much

Today I'm back!

Mostly out of boredom as I wait for the official head nod that says my work here is done. Somewhat because I was feeling a bit creative and stifled of that creativity what with all the work I've been doing.

So... hello there.

I just started this post on a whim with nothing exciting to come back with and now where do I go with it? So much to catch up on. So little to say. I think that was my problem in the first place!


Well, the past couple of months have been great and they have been busy...
We went on vacation with some of our bestest friends and it was beyond amazing. I have photos so I'll have to post more on that later.
We threw a huge Halloween party. Also a few photos so another post later.
And we lived life. It had it's ups and now I'm going through a few downs but it's life and ain't life grand!?
Next week is a big one for us so that'll be another fun post... 3 new posts for you to anxiously await already and I've only been back for 3 minutes!

Ok, so I will leave you with this... what good movies have you seen lately? And, have you seen Where The Wild Things Are? What did you think? My opinion on a later post (#4!!!)...


09 September 2009

long and short of it

Thank you family, I love you all too but I am officially on hiatus until further notice...

02 September 2009

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Happy September.

Hey, so do I still have readers because I'm thinking of quitting this blog thing.

31 August 2009

it can only go up

Cough (cough) Cough! Uh, excuse me... I can't seem to stop coughing. The hills behind our house disappear each morning in a cloud of smoke and the air quality is far less than perfect. To say the least, it hasn't been a great weekend.

(night photography not great because I still don't have a tripod!)

This is what's being called The Station Fire. It's not threatening to our home, just our health.

And speaking of health... The Captain had a rough weekend.

We're lucky he's such a trooper! Bad Mom and Dad are too scared to trim his nails and have been lazy about taking him to get it done. Last Thursday Little Bear and I went on a run together and he came home licking his paw. There was a little crack in his nail but nothing serious. Then on Saturday we were out on the deck cooking dinner when all of a sudden he jumped into the air and wouldn't walk on his back paw. He had cracked the nail all the way down. Luckily the emergency vet is right down the street. They removed the nail and wrapped the foot in a little boot. Poor guy!

28 August 2009

they look like big, good, strong hands

Last year an acquaintance of mine (more like a friend of a friend) sent an email about her niece. Her niece needed to have open heart surgery. This friend of a friend decided to do what she could and raise some money for her sister and brother-in-law. She made bracelets and sold them to anyone she could. I was one of those anyones.

The bracelets are basically a piece of hammered metal slipped onto a vintage watch band. I ordered 2 as gifts for my sisters. She was doing this as a gift to hers so I felt it appropriate to make it a gift to mine. I had the words VIDA SANGRE AMOR hammered long ways down the metal. My sisters are exactly that to me, LIFE BLOOD LOVE.

I don't know at what point I decided I wanted to have these words tattooed onto my skin but I held onto that notion for a while, waiting for the right time.

A few weeks after giving my sisters the bracelets my friend Stuart was diagnosed with leukemia. The call for blood and platelet donors was put out and I responded. As a platelet donor you have to meet a lot of criteria, one of them being no ink in the past 12 months. So I waited for Stuart to recover before going in for my new tattoo. And then it took on new meaning. I was giving my blood to someone I loved in hopes of helping to save his life. Unfortunately, that's not how the story goes.

So on the first of August I went and got it done. Celebrating the love I have for my sisters and the special life of my dear friend Stuart. Blood never felt so important...

(close up)

(in context but backwards because i took it in the mirror!)

27 August 2009

around the bend the rooster

I'm into my 2nd week now of getting up at 6:30 (okay, the alarm goes off at 6:30 - I don't always get up!). I wake to the silence and the sun in order to spend an hour or so with just me... focusing on my food for the day and exercising this body of mine. So far it's been a good experience. I've never enjoyed diet and workout like I am this time around. The beauty in doing something just for me outweighs the desire to indulge. I feel happy. I feel healthy. I feel like I am finally on the right track. Now, I know that the first week is either the hardest or easiest time to stick with something new. But the second week has been even better. I've just got to start setting the alarm a little earlier so that I will get up by 6:30!

Here's one of the joys of waking so early. There are fires all around us that are making our amazing sunrises spectacular sunrises.

(this is the view from our bedroom)

24 August 2009

this is a love story

A couple of weeks ago My Heart also entered his 31st year. It's a lot of pressure having his birthday just over a week after mine. I always have big shoes to fill in order to make sure his day is just as special as mine was.

This year I took inspiration from the movie (500) Days of Summer. It's not out wide yet but we saw it a while back and both really loved it. It was filmed entirely in downtown LA and the city really felt like a character in the movie. I also took a page out of a Mr. Dadd's (our financial adviser) book. He took his wife for a weekend out in the city and they pretended they were in NYC.

Step one was recreating the movie poster with personal touches (too personal to show here, sorry!). (31) Years of My Heart began early Saturday morning when I secretly left the poster with directions for the day next to my sleeping love as I went to run some errands. It cryptically said:
Please pack an over-night bag
1 outfit = dressy, fun, punk rock but with shoes to walk in
1 outfit = casual & comfortable

Be prepared to be away from home for most of the weekend.

Have your ID on you.

Relax. Enjoy.

Car service leaves Avenue 37 promptly at 2pm today.
Be ready!

I think he was a bit anxious - not sure how much he really likes surprises but in the end he LOVED it!

First Stop:

The Omni hotel in downtown LA... the service there is amazing and you can sign up on their website to become a member (for free!) and receive even more perks - they saw that it was my husband's birthday so they sent up a complimentary bottle of champagne!

Next was a stroll through the city where we hit the Bradbury building and then hiked up Angel's Flight to the benches in the little park above that over looks a small piece of the city:

Then back to the hotel for a change of clothes before the big night... We had dinner at this great restaurant called Traxx that is located inside Union Station. We opted to sit outside which was really the great entrance hall to the train station. After dinner we walked over to Olvera Street to listen to the band and watch the people dance. And then the big event of the evening... Cirque Berzerk! We actually ended up running into some friends there which made the evening even better.

I had also arranged with the Omni to have a little cake and a bottle of champagne that I brought to be delivered to the room at midnight (his birthday was officially on Sunday).

The next morning we slept in, enjoying the peace and quiet (no furry kids!) until we decided we were hungry. We then went to this cute little diner a friend had told us about for an amazing breakfast:

Then we headed home so that we could spend the day in the comfort of our own home with our family - no pressure, just relaxation (I know that's important to My Heart). Oh, and for dinner I made this:

22 August 2009

land of the lost

Last night was another Friday night like any other... the Dodgers had a home game so after the game they had fireworks which then led to the people in surrounding neighborhoods lighting some off as well. Except for this time, Friday night ended up a little bit differently...

We heard the neighborhood fireworks so loud and clear that My Heart thought it a good idea to go check the clearing... the place where the kids like to come drink, tag the street, make out and light fireworks. It's only a few houses down from ours. Apparently the neighbors had the same idea so My Heart just came back inside and we started to get ready for bed. When he took the dog out he could smell the smoke and it smelled of campfire in our bathroom. It was about this time the sirens and helicopters started. My Heart went outside first...

I could feel something wasn't right and when My Heart didn't come right back I followed. It was so overwhelming and emotional for me. I watched the hillside burn as the fire department steadily but diligently worked away at it. We were out there for what seemed like mere minutes but now looking back, was at least an hour. It was unsettling and scary but our neighbors were all calm and welcomed us to the neighborhood. My mind was eased when the first of the helicopters dropped water on the hillside and really made a dent in the raging fire. We left before it was completely out but with little worry that anything major would come of this.

This is what we found today at the clearing. The charred area a lot smaller than what I thought was burning last night. Seeing all the garbage and destroyed land on MY HILL made my heart heavy... why do people do this? They have little or no regard for the land or those who live on it. Today I'm a little bit sad for what was lost in the fire.

(Check out my facebook page for more photos of the fire and it's aftermath)

21 August 2009

shananigans abound

So I started getting up early to (gasp) exercise! It's a routine I'm trying to get into, 5 days a week some sort of morning work out. Mondays and Fridays off but I still have to get up early to blog/do personal stuff - so as not to upset my routine! Hopefully this means more juicy bits for all you readers out there!

Quick Recap...
I had a birthday while I was away! Not as spectacular as 30 in Australia but 31 held it's own.

I spent the morning at Burke Williams getting a facial for the first time ever in my life (courtesy of some unfortunate event a year ago - long story!). It was by far one of the most relaxing things one could do. I get a little tense and nervous during massages but facials are awesome! It was a bit pricey though so I'm glad I wasn't actually paying for it.

Came home to find a giant birthday cake and present set up from My Heart waiting for me... got this awesome new computer I'm using right now (and a stuffed hot dog - also a long story!). Oh, and we consumed a bottle of champagne :-) while setting up said computer.

Went and got a new tattoo... photos and story to follow soon.

Met up with some great friends for a few mojitos and tacos at this cute little place on our new side of town called Malo. They have these amazing chips they call chewy... tortilla chips they don't completely fry so they're, well... chewy! Sounds weird but next time you're out here I'll take you there and trust me, you will LOVE 'em!

Invited dinner friends back to the house for more cake and another bottle of champagne (this time courtesty of Dad... a bottle of Dom). Lots of love and laughs shared while we ate and drank in the comfort of our home. Man it feels good to have a home!

It was a perfect day... thanks to everyone!

Oh, and have you had a birthday since joining facebook? Man oh man, it's the best... really makes a girl feel loved <3

12 August 2009

howl at the moon

My dear friend Jane has up and left this desert some of us call home. A place full of love hate relationships. Of excitement. Of comfort. Of loneliness. Of want. Sometimes it grows on you and sometimes you can't get it's stickiness off your skin. But Jane, she got away. It's funny, because coming here, seems like such a risk... an adventure. But staying here, that's the easy part. Change, it's what we're hiding from. In the mean time, I'm making this land of broken dreams my home and turning in for the night. Good luck to you Jane as you venture to your new home. And if any of my old friends or family run into her, send her my love. By the way, she's an amazing photographer and just sent this message out to us...

Dear Friends.

As most of you know by now, my life has taken a few unexpected turns, as life does. Five weeks ago I relocated to Boulder, Colorado where I plan to continue my work as a photographer, a photojournalist, an artist. Since arriving I have been working to find work and broaden my client base, and thought if all my friends could pass this along to all their friends, we might reach a couple people in Colorado in need of a photographer for hire.

As a professional photographer, I have worked in editorial, portrait, product, fine art and wedding photography for over the past five years.

I strive to candidly capture the story in front of me by combining human creativity, expression and beauty, from the simple routines of life to the extraordinary events. I am inherently drawn to capturing the interplay of light, color, and shadow found in nature, revealing a provocative, poignant and memorable story.

As a photojournalist, an artist and a professional photographer, it is my main goal to capture the true essence of you and your loved one’s within your comfort zone. Thank you for visiting my website and considering that I capture your next simple routine or extraordinary event. Please feel free to contact me any time for scheduling, pricing or list of services.

Thank you!


11 August 2009

we are not a barcode

Do me a favor will ya? Go visit Petunia Face today and watch the trailer she's posted.
It's a beautiful take on what life can bring.

And I promise, there are some blog postings in the werks over here... just give me a minute :-)

07 August 2009

a final farewell celebration

I don't think there's a US release date yet but I'm digging on this trailer. Hope the movie delivers.

06 August 2009

i'm the green kangaroo

I've been gone oh so long... and in that time I turned another year older and another year happier and another year wiser. Then I logged on to facebook. This is what I found:

My Grandpa

My Dad

29 July 2009

the daily what

Um, I don't even really like pie but yes please!

Check out the deets over at LUXIRARE. Amazing

28 July 2009

on a lighter note

My burfday is a comin' up... who's gonna buy me dees???

27 July 2009

on this anniversary of three

This weekend My Heart and I caught up on some TV watching which included So You Think You Can Dance. So many of the performances were B-O-R-I-N-G! But then this one came up and I was blown away. I can't believe how emotional dance can be (I mean, I can believe it but geezus the tears!). This truly told a story and it was heart wrenching. I hope they do this live on the tour.

24 July 2009

my baby jesus was born in july

We just got through a gnarly couple of weeks at work so I wanted to thank those who really worked hard to make it all happen. And what better way then to throw a Christmas party - I mean who doesn't love Christmas!? There was cake, alcohol, decorations, presents, the whole nine yards! I think we all had a really great time :-)

Christmas in July! on Twitpic
I heart Christmas in July

22 July 2009

just a boy in this world

Someone showed this to me from digg.com yesterday and it made me well up... it's the day Daniel Radcliffe met Rupert Grint on the set of the first Harry Potter movie. How sweet right!?

21 July 2009

tip my hat

The summer has been a whirl wind so far! So much going on, so little time to blog about it!

I did want to say that I have awesome friends (but we already knew that). One of them has a friend who works at OPI and she sent me the most amazing care package! We had met briefly in the past but ran into one another at a BBQ recently and got to talking about their new matte line that I was excited about. So she sent it to me - before it even hit the stores (and with a million other amazing products). I'm wearing La Paz-itively Hot Matte today and I AM IN LOVE! So awesome :-)

16 July 2009

oh no you didn't

Went to see Harry Potter at the Chinese last night... it was an odd experience. I parked at Hollywood & Highland, as you walk up the stairs and out to the street you pass through the Kodak Theater entrance which is lined with stores and along some walls are giant ads. As I was passing a Louis Vuitton ad there was a family standing in front of it. Mom, Dad and 2 little girls (maybe 8 and 6 years oldish). This family was probably on vacation because most people at Hollywood & Highland are. This family was also having their family vacation photo taken in front of a giant Louis Vuitton ad. Does anyone else find that odd???

Ok, so got to the line where My Heart was waiting with some Baja Fresh for me and scarfed it down before going into the theater because no outside food is allowed in. When we got into the theater it was a madhouse of people but a lot of the seats were still empty. That was because one person was saving an entire row of seats for their friends/family. It was ridiculous! My Heart almost had to throw down with this one jerk who told him to beat it when he wanted to sit in an empty row the jerk was trying to guard.

We finally found a couple of seats not being saved and settled in for the trailers. Only to be distracted by an awful smell that was similar to vomit of cheese & jalapenos. Then the madness began. I can't remember what was shouted first but it was loud and directly behind me. As I turned to see who the perpetrator was the smell got stronger. So of course, we sat directly in front of some strange woman who was all alone, eating the most disgustingly fragrant food (that was most certainly NOT bought from the concession stand) and shouting at the characters on the screen for the entire movie. "Yea, Luna! That's my girl!" "Oh no you didn't!" "Don't trust that crazy bitch!" I think she was crazy and I'm most certain everyone else felt it too because nobody said a word to her. And before the final scene was concluded she was out of her seat and leaving the theater. Now tell me that's not odd!?

As for the movie, I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who's not yet seen it but plans to. But I will say I kinda wish I hadn't re-read the book right before seeing. I'm not a fan of David Yates (the director) but his work on this was decent although flat.

10 July 2009

just ready for a saturday

Was having a conversation with a friend at work and the subject of having kids came up (also getting married, buying houses, having a career, our parents, etc). She shared this website with me:

Reasons To Be Happy That You Don't Have Kids

09 July 2009

forget her, she doesn't love you

These gorgeous heels on are Gilt.com right now... Oh, how I long for them! I hate this not shopping thing. By the way, did I mention I'm trying to not spend so much money on things so that we can remodel our kitchen and master bathroom? But these beauties were once $695 and are now only &198!

Also, I have new motivation to start getting shit done around our house...
1) Dad-in-Law has built some great shelves for us and is in progress with more!
2) We are thinking of throwing a fancy Halloween party!
3) We are having my family over for Thanksgiving!

So now I've gotta get back on track with decorating... just gotta listen to the sage advise of the Lil Bee and focus on one room at a time :-)

07 July 2009

one white gold with diamonds to go please

What!? Are you kidding me!? Cupcakes Take The Cake does it once again...

There's a whole schlew of this gorgeous cupcake jewelry over at PNUT Jewelry. Check it out (and buy me something)! Where were these rings when we were engagement ring shopping!?

06 July 2009

roll out the welcome matte

OPI is coming out with a matte line this summer - some of their most popular colors - and I'm kinda loving on it...
Check out the Vampy & Varnish Blog for a peek at what the colors actually look like on.

03 July 2009

we are all neda

Less than a week ago a group of random people gathered to create this video and show our support for Iranians in need of a voice. We want to give a voice to the voiceless and this is just the first step.


30 June 2009

what ever happened to tuesday

There's something about driving in the car all by yourself that lets the sadness seep in. The loss of life puts everything in perspective and that time alone just helps your thoughts roam freely. I'm notorious for crying on my drive in to work. This morning was no exception. That Van Morrison song Brown Eyed Girl came on the radio and it reminded me of the people that love me and that I love.

Of the 3 girls my parents had, I am the only one with brown eyes. I believe my sisters used to refer to them as my poop brown eyes (or maybe that was just me - I've always been jealous of their blue eyes and brown hair). When I left my home in Colorado Springs almost 10 years ago one of my sisters made me a CD. On it were a lot of songs about my new home, California. But it also had songs that would remind me that it was from her and showed me how much she loved me. It's one of my favorite gifts ever. And because Brown Eyed Girl is on that CD I can't help but think of my sisters when I hear it. I miss them. It makes me sad to be so far away from them and their lives.

To all you people out there listening, life goes by in the blink of an eye. Before you know it times are lost and we're all grown. Don't forget to say thank you and I love you and to share part of yourself with friends and family. I'm sad that my platelets weren't the cure but at least he knew I cared and I got to see his smile one last time. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some phone calls to make.

27 June 2009

milk came out my nose

I think all of you out there in blog-land should check out this new show on G4 called Web Soup (if you like Talk Soup you're gonna love it). It's funny and got all of the best clips from around the web. It airs Sunday at 9pm ET.

Oh, and there's this hilarious telephone operator girl that has a bit part in every show that I may or may not be friends with. Oh, and also I may or may not be friends with one of the executive producers.

If you don't have G4, it often re-airs on E! so look for it there. While you're at it go ahead and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes (give it a rating too - might I suggest 5 stars!?). DO IT!

Web Soup

26 June 2009

my trending topic

Tomorrow I'm going to be a part of something I think is very important. In this day and age of internet communication we can all be a part of the global community. What's going on in Iran speaks to all of us. We are one human race all in need of basic human rights. And now with social media outlets like youtube, facebook and twitter we can reach out to each other in our times of need.

Neda has become the face of the faceless and we are going to be the voice of the voiceless. For all those Iranians reaching out, we hear your cries and we want you to know that they do not fall on deaf ears. Tomorrow, our voices will be heard. Please join me for the I AM NEDA shoot in Culver City, CA and be the voice the world needs to hear. For any Iranians wanting to be heard, please send us your wants, your needs... you can post them in the comments on this blog, visit the facebook page or tweet them to @onlyoneL so that your message can continue to spread. UPDATE: Go to voiceofthevoiceless.net/beheard to send your message instantly!

If you want to know, WHO WAS NEDA? follow the link.

For additional info on the I AM NEDA shoot follow the link.

Please stay tuned for additional information on the launch of the finished video and check out the website for more info on VoiceoftheVoiceless.net

25 June 2009

the man, the myth, the legend

My heart is heavy today and it's not because some celebrity that I never knew or looked up to has passed away. My heart is heavy because last night I lost a friend and mentor. After a difficult battle with leukemia, Stuart Bartell passed away. He leaves this world hopefully to find peace and happiness else where but he also leaves an emptiness impossible to fill.


Thank you for everything you have given me over the years. The smile and warmth of a friend. The courage and help of a mentor. I knew that walking into that building and seeing you would bring joy to my day. Those around me knew how special you made me feel. I will never forget your laughter, your love, your selflessness. I'm sad to see you go but grateful I had a chance to know you. You have touched so many people over the years and you will be missed by each and every one of them.

Thank you and may you rest in peace dear friend.
With all my love...

24 June 2009

pocket aces aren't always the tits

Spent the weekend in Vegas. Trip started out with pre-gaming (work beers - why do they make you drunker than home beers!?) before My Heart picked me up on Friday night. At some point we were talking about directions when I asked him to stop talking because I had to pee. I had to pee so bad all I could concentrate on was NOT peeing. So we stopped at a gas station... at this point we were still in LA.

From there the trip got better I guess. Not that it was bad just unpredictable. We got to our room at the Rio around midnight and basically just went to sleep. My Heart's WSOP event was the next day starting at noon so he needed to rest up.

We were hoping to have a breakfast meet up with the family and friends that had come out for the weekend but you know how it goes with a big group of people. It was just too hard to coordinate so we ended up wandering for quite a bit until his parents eventually arrived. The thing about the Rio is that it's off the strip which some how makes it a destination (not that you can actually walk to most places on the strip - the size of those places make the distances deceiving). Anyway, big surprise as we turned the corner to greet Mom and Dad was BROTHER!!! It was an awesome surprise that sure made My Heart happy.

From there it was poker time. The event went well for his first big one. I suppose he wishes he would have done better - like win money better. But I think it was a great experience. I certainly enjoyed watching the games being played. I stood trying to get a glimps of My Heart but his table was so far away I could only see his hat (over 2,700 entrants). Fortunately for me pro player Brandon Cantu had an edge table and I got to watch him play for a few hours. We also saw Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth (who threw an awesome mf bomb when he got knocked out but eventually came over for pictures) and Daniel Negreanu to name a few.

Drove home Sunday after a quick Father's Day breakfast. My Heart just needed to get out of there. Me, I'm jonsing for some poker action of my own now. Anyone up for a game?

18 June 2009

blush one size too small

Man have I been a suck hole of good times this week. I just can't shake it. Tried the Aunt M 3 day method and it was working for a while but then I just slipped back down. Today it was definitely the change thing that got me. I'm gonna learn to be okay with it because I still get a paycheck every week but it's not going to be easy.

Last night I had a great dinner that helped to bring my smile back for a bit... onion rings, sliders and mac & cheese (so naughty but so yummy). Tonight My Heart is working late so I'll go run a quick errand or two, do some laundry to get ready for the weekend and then just enjoy the quiet for a moment or two.

By the way, we're going to Vegas again this weekend. I'm most looking forward to the drive out there - is that strange? It's just the thought of hours full of peaceful music filled time with My Heart. Then he'll abandon me for a poker tourney and I'll go chill with his family.

Oh, one last thing... saw this in the window of J. Crew at the Grove last night and fell in love. Might actually plan a wedding based solely on this dress (problem is, don't think My Heart will like the dress actually). Friend S thinks we should have an outing to at least go try it on. What's the harm right?

16 June 2009

dreaming of being a tiger

I've been really grumpy so far this week. Maybe it's change. Maybe it's PMS. Maybe I'm just tired. But watch out... I'M A BITCH!
  • I hate that you can never make plans with some friends 'cause they always flake but then you see all the other shit they do on facebook.
  • I hate when stupid people get recognition for shit they didn't even do.
  • I hate when people have a wandering eye as you're trying to have an important conversation with them.
  • I hate when people forget you're standing right there and either A) completely ignore you as they talk to someone else (that you don't know) or B) talk shit as if you aren't standing right there.
  • I hate not knowing what's going on at work even though it's going to effect my job.
  • I hate trying to do something but never getting it done.
  • I hate feeling so tired and so grumpy and maybe a little bit sad but not knowing exactly why.

14 June 2009

step by step, oh baby

Behold the majesty of our new red wall!

My Heart thinks it might have been better before hanging the poster but I think it's the perfect combo. (although the giant red wall almost dwarfs the picture) Now we just need to change out the yellow window, the light fixture, the carpet in the stairwell and the railing!

12 June 2009

dosers without the fraggles

The answer is YES! The wall was red when I got home and boy is it beautiful :-) - pictures to come.
I love My Heart and his parents!!! They did so much work around the house yesterday, it looked amazing. I can't wait to see what they've done today.

But first I've gotta make a little detour to the Key Art Awards. We're up for 4 as a company this year. I'm really hoping we take home one for the Nightmare Before Christmas spot that has been nominated. It's an awesome spot and is really near and dear to my heart.

Remember last year when I went on the hunt for the perfect dress for this event? And then just ended up with these instead? Well, in a matter of minutes I found 3 dresses all under $40! (of course I bought all 3 but will be going with one similar to this - but in RED!)

I'll let you know the results of the show, if any. The rest of the weekend holds more family time and WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING (but not for me so don't get your panties in a ruffle).

11 June 2009

up up and away

I'm hoping to go home to find a new red wall of my own... I'm hoping! (and I'll let you know)

"Fun Day" Fine Art Print By Karen Cougan

Friend C showed me this great site called Red Bubble. It's so great because not only can you see these amazing images but you can buy them too! And it's a little community to share writings and what not on. I love it! Friend J is going to put some of her work up there. It's really inspiring. I'm going to start small though. Thanks to My Sister I'm going to try and do me some Photo Friday! Get ready...

10 June 2009

the ties that bind

In-laws* arrived yesterday. I'm sure when I say that some people just cringe at the thought. Where did that stigma come from? My thinking is, they basically created the person you are in love with so why would you not naturally love them too!? But I guess in reality there are a lot of different factors in creating who someone is and they shouldn't necessarily be judged by their parents.

With that said, I absolutely love my in-laws. They are wonderful, normal, fun and caring people. I love being at their house as it's so inviting and home-like even from the moment you step through the front door. It's just comfortable and they are comfortable. My Heart's Dad has the best sense of humor and My Heart's Mom has so many of the same interests as me. What's not to love!?

This is the first time they are visiting us as a pair and in our new home. There's a little pressure to make sure they are comfortable but only from myself. So far so good I think (it's only been one night and I've spent the day at work while they've entertained themselves!). Tonight we'll all head to the Dodger game as a family. I'm looking forward to it.

*We may not be married but with a ring on the finger, a mortgage to pay and four years behind us I think it's safe to call them my in-laws!

09 June 2009

ill communication

This goes out to all of you in the knuckle bump gang - you know who you are...

Now, I've tried to be nice and I'm gonna continue to try to be nice but don't think I don't know. I'm no naive young girl and I will not get fucked by any of you. I'm looking out for number one.

As you can tell blogland, life has been a roller coaster. Which can be a scary ride but always fun as hell in the end. Things were all settling down from the big move and then some shit got turned upside down.

Thursday we had some layoffs.

Friday we had people over to drink and watch the fireworks from Dodger stadium. It was great and I drank so much that most of Saturday was a wash.

Saturday night ended up meeting some out of town friends in for a visit at Gingergrass for dinner. And then headed to the Red Lion to have a sausage & beer dessert!

Sunday was wine tasting with Friend C thanks to Terry Dadd, financial advisor extradionaire, at San Anonio Winery in downtown LA.

And Monday was the premiere of Oh Baby, I Love You! the short film Friend S has been working so hard to get out into the world. Check out the website for the trailer cut by My Heart :-)

As we settle into the week, Tuesday brings a visit from the in-laws. I'm actually really looking forward to this time we're about to spend with them.

Who knows what the future holds at this point but I'm looking optimistically at what is about to become...

04 June 2009

fly away with me

I purchased this lovely piece of art from a little shop on Etsy yesterday called beepart

Since we're going with a yellow accent theme in the office now (I think...), this will go above my desk for a little pop. I LOVE it! What do you think?

I forgot to mention that the lovies over at Cupcakes Take The Cake shared this treasure with me yesterday!

03 June 2009

the blood on my sleeve

Today's post is for My Heart...
Remember when we were dancing in the kitchen at the old apartment to this song playing on the radio? Well, it was on in the car today while I was driving to work and I thought of that moment. I just replayed it in my mind and smiled.
Well you done done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted
I fell right through the cracks
Now I'm trying to get back
Before the cool done run out
I'll be giving it my bestest
And nothing's going to stop me but divine intervention
I reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn some

I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait, I'm yours

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you're free
Look into your heart and you'll find love love love love
Listen to the music of the moment baby sing with me
I love peace for melody
And It's our God-forsaken right to be loved love loved love loved

So I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I'm sure
There's no need to complicate
Our time is short
This is our fate, I'm yours

Scooch on over closer dear
And i will nibble your ear

I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror
And bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer
But my breath fogged up the glass
And so I drew a new face and laughed
I guess what I'm be saying is there ain't no better reason
To rid yourself of vanity and just go with the seasons
It's what we aim to do
Our name is our virtue

But I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I'm sure

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you're free
Look into your heart and you'll find that the sky is yours
Please don't, please don't, please don't
There's no need to complicate
Cause our time is short
This oh this this is out fate, I'm yours!

- I'm Yours
Jason Mraz
Then I flipped the station and was instantly transported to this world:

Today is a day for love. So I'm sending it out to you right now and I hope you can feel it. XOXO

Happy 47th month-iversary

29 May 2009

goodbye to the little house

Ok, now I'm really on hiatus 'cause I'm in a land far far away from needing to be on a computer.

28 May 2009

some days i'm book and not street

I was always entranced by Denver's Central Library so much so it inspired me to start taking photographs of architecture. More of my own photos to come but in the mean time, check out this website My Heart shared with me. I love libraries!

Most Interesting Libraries of the World

27 May 2009

when the winner comes a callin'

I've finally put some photos of the new house up online. Don't forget, this is a work in progress!
We went from a temporary one bedroom apartment living situation to a house 3 times the size. Not to mention the house needs some work of it's own. So it's been a slow process that will continue over the next couple of years probably. But we finally have all of our boxes unpacked, a couch to sit on and a bed to sleep in... Life is good!

Avenue 37

26 May 2009

motorcycle cops abound

I'm officially on hiatus.
The weekend was too much for me and I'm off to Colorado on Thursday.
Miss me...

22 May 2009

oranges in an apple cart

I'm going to try and write thru this fog as I don't want to lose these thoughts. Oh, and also my head is spinning.

Let's just say last night whatever kool-aid they were pouring, I drank it up (but not as in the I drink your milkshake kind of way - more of like the I'm buying this whole Jesus thing). Cowboy Mouth. Friend S. House of Blues. The Future? Friends. Happiness. Laughter. Fun. Jamison. I think that's all you need in life.

Usually when I go to concerts I end up watching the back of people's heads and I just sing along and bop to the beat in my own little world. I am short. But last night she grabbed my hand and we found where our place was. We were supposed to be there. In front. Together. And she made sure I was happy and I could see. Because trust me, you didn't want to miss one minute of this show. They were intense but in this super positive sort of way. It was like a religion, no... more. It was like a cult and I was ready to climb on that spaceship and ride. We danced and jumped and screamed. It was amazing. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun and I only knew one song! Maybe it was the band. Maybe it was the crowd (night started with a stranger fixing my shirt for me - so sweet). Maybe it was the alcohol. But it was definitely Friend S.

I wish I could put into words what last night felt like, what it was. But nothing I say will do it justice. We had an amazing time. We rocked out and partied. Then we chatted it up like school girls into the wee hours of the morning. Cowboy Mouth is a show I would recommend to any and every one but it wasn't just that. Last night anything awkward or uncomfortable about 2 girls getting to know one another melted away and became a loving friendship. Thank you for grabbing my hand and showing me what's it's like to be in the front row... I'm sure it's just the first of so many memories to come. And I'm honored to be sharing them with you XOXO

21 May 2009

because we are separate but the same

These are 2 similar but different videos recently posted under "Inspiration" on the Aspect Ratio company only blog:

Parallelostory from impactist on Vimeo.

20 May 2009

god bless friendspacebook

I mean, sometimes time CAN heal all wounds and then you don't even remember where that scar came from. Even when someone points it out to you and says, "remember when we were kids and I was pulling you on roller skates behind my bike and you fell down, skinning your knee and got this scar?" Even then you don't remember that actually happening. But if it did, in hindsight, it sure is funny. I mean, what did you think was going to happen if she pulled you behind her bike while you were roller skating? Ok, bad example because I was actually the one riding the bike (sorry LLF E).

Today I got a friend request on that site we all love to hate. I was surprised at first but even more surprised by the personal message attached to it. It was sweet and when I tried to own up to what nasties I'm sure I was guilty of, she excused me of ever having any. Even sweeter.

I've gone through a plethora of best friends in my lifetime thus far. Each with their own time and their own purpose. This one was one of the many close relationships that somehow has been lost. I don't remember why or how but it was just gone. We had nicknames and inside jokes. We even vacationed with each other's families. For our short time, it was like being sisters. I loved her and I'm pretty sure she loved me.

So there is nothing but happiness to find her taking this step back into my life again. I know there is a scar there but I can't even remember the fall so who cares how it happened? Life happens in mysterious ways. But I am so grateful that it happens at all.

18 May 2009

homegirl here to represent

This is Gwen Stefani climbing the barricade between the floor and the stands at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on Saturday night.

She was so close we could almost touch her (and My Heart tried - he might have grazed her arm but wasn't sure). I was grinning ear to ear watching her get just the guys in the crowed to sing "I'm just a girl" and then all the girls to blow them away. She was right there. So close. I could almost touch her. She is mesmerizing and I didn't remember that until Saturday night.

We thought it would be fun to get tickets to the show in August. They would be playing to their home town crowd at the end of a summer long tour and on my birthday none the less. But when Friend W purposed we go check out opening night of the tour in Vegas we said, why not?

I'm so glad we did. The show was tight. The crowd was into it. The band was into it. Visually it was stunning. And they played all the greats. No Doubt.

Oh, and Vegas was good too. We stayed at the Luxor which was close to the venue. They recently remodeled some of their rooms but they were just okay. Not bad. Not great. Friend W was fun and hit a couple of lucky streaks on the Wheel of Fortune slots (even though they're super hard to find these days). My Heart recently won a serious of events some guys put together to send the winner to a World Series of Poker satellite game so he got to enter that while we were there. He'll be going back in June to actually play. So, all in all it was a great mini-vacation. Next stop for me, Colorado. Just gotta get thru this week...

15 May 2009

a lot of typing going on

So here's what I started for our living room... this is basically the couch we have and we will mount the TV on the wall with floating shelves below it for the Receiver & Wii. My Heart and his dad will create built ins for all the CDs & DVDs. We also have the off-white flotaki rug coming soon. The walls are a creamy color and the floors a dark wood. Now if only I could get my hands on that Mark Ryden painting! What do you think?

14 May 2009

golden dirt is my favorite flavor

My Heart liked the office design I put together but he really wanted to see something with red chairs. Red might be my favorite color right now but it was pretty difficult for me to make this work. I spent the better half of a day putting it together and although I like the final result I'm still not in love with it. What do you think?

little boy blue

I'm in the market for some new sandals but wasn't ready to commit so I bought these instead:

Red shoes make EVERYTHING more exciting!

13 May 2009

sleepy morning sweetness

My sister helped me clear up my poochi bacon lung by posting this with a comment she made on a previous post:

If you know me, you know I have a special affinity for bears (that might be an understatement of sorts). This amazing work of art was created by artist Eiko Ishizawa. I have already emailed in hopes of obtaining a couple should they ever go into production. Here's to hoping!

12 May 2009

on things of a round nature

Here's where I'm thinking of going with our home office. (Of course I have to get My Heart's approval on everything first) Not sure if I'm loving it yet but I do know I want to mix the modern and the traditional.

We already have the 2 desks, 2 chairs (white Eames knock-offs) & the giant white bookshelves (and plenty of books to go on them!). Now we need to pull it all together with a rug for some color, a couple of reading chairs with a coffee table & then top it off with a few little decorative touches. I pulled a couple of polaroids off of polyvore and I'm loving the muted pops of color they add. I'd rather have a round rug but I do love the combo of color and pattern in this one. Oh, and our walls are already painted a very light grey. What do you think?

BFF G - I know you asked me to do this with Grandma's bathroom... send me a couple of photos of the bathroom and maybe some ideas of what you like and I'll hop right on that! XOXO

11 May 2009

ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky

as Friend C put it, "maybe you've seen this, maybe you haven't... but it's inspiration is worth the 9:48 minutes."

I say, at least give the first one a watch and go from there...
wish I could get what's inside, out like that.

(welcome back C, just wasn't the same without you)

06 May 2009

questions confusing my yellow dress

Ok, a couple of things...

A) I know I promised more photos from my fancy camera and I haven't follow through on that. There are so many excuses. I've been busy with the house. I've been sick. I don't really have a computer of my own so it's kind of hard to transfer photos and upload them (that's why I'm asking Santa for a new mac for Xmas!). I'm lazy. I'm forgetful.

B) I know I've kinda been phoning it in lately. No real posts about me or my life or actual writing just a lot of random links and videos. Those things are fun but I'm not being very personal with my blog now am I? I've been obsessing quietly and privately about some old stuff. Same old weighty issues that I keep saying I'm going to deal with but never do. Did I mention I'm lazy? Also, there is something bigger going on but I can't pinpoint it yet and I'm not sure who to talk about it with. I might need a professional.

Other than that:
  • House = good (all moved in, sort of)
  • I heart baby Emily! Can't wait to spend more time with her
  • I might have bacon lung or hamthrax
  • Denver Nuggets = AWESOME

05 May 2009

with this new life hope

Congratulations to Team AE and the arrival of their gorgeous baby girl!

Emily Ryan Nelson
Born May 4th, 2009 at 1:41pm PST
8lbs. 10 oz.

(photo courtesy of Emily's daddy - more to come, I just forgot my camera!)

01 May 2009

from queen to king by 8 o'clock


Here are a couple of things to check out in the LA area and one for everywhere!

Buy local at this year's Unique Los Angeles!

Friend S is in a play! Check her out, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays until May 23rd, in The Future?

And it may be May Day but it's also International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day!

Ok, now I'm going to have a quesadilla and then go home to make sure this cold goes away quick!

Got this via twitter from @clevertia & via email from Friend D yesterday... so funny :-)

Oh! And Aunt M sent this to me too... also funny :-)