29 May 2009

goodbye to the little house

Ok, now I'm really on hiatus 'cause I'm in a land far far away from needing to be on a computer.

28 May 2009

some days i'm book and not street

I was always entranced by Denver's Central Library so much so it inspired me to start taking photographs of architecture. More of my own photos to come but in the mean time, check out this website My Heart shared with me. I love libraries!

Most Interesting Libraries of the World

27 May 2009

when the winner comes a callin'

I've finally put some photos of the new house up online. Don't forget, this is a work in progress!
We went from a temporary one bedroom apartment living situation to a house 3 times the size. Not to mention the house needs some work of it's own. So it's been a slow process that will continue over the next couple of years probably. But we finally have all of our boxes unpacked, a couch to sit on and a bed to sleep in... Life is good!

Avenue 37

26 May 2009

motorcycle cops abound

I'm officially on hiatus.
The weekend was too much for me and I'm off to Colorado on Thursday.
Miss me...

22 May 2009

oranges in an apple cart

I'm going to try and write thru this fog as I don't want to lose these thoughts. Oh, and also my head is spinning.

Let's just say last night whatever kool-aid they were pouring, I drank it up (but not as in the I drink your milkshake kind of way - more of like the I'm buying this whole Jesus thing). Cowboy Mouth. Friend S. House of Blues. The Future? Friends. Happiness. Laughter. Fun. Jamison. I think that's all you need in life.

Usually when I go to concerts I end up watching the back of people's heads and I just sing along and bop to the beat in my own little world. I am short. But last night she grabbed my hand and we found where our place was. We were supposed to be there. In front. Together. And she made sure I was happy and I could see. Because trust me, you didn't want to miss one minute of this show. They were intense but in this super positive sort of way. It was like a religion, no... more. It was like a cult and I was ready to climb on that spaceship and ride. We danced and jumped and screamed. It was amazing. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun and I only knew one song! Maybe it was the band. Maybe it was the crowd (night started with a stranger fixing my shirt for me - so sweet). Maybe it was the alcohol. But it was definitely Friend S.

I wish I could put into words what last night felt like, what it was. But nothing I say will do it justice. We had an amazing time. We rocked out and partied. Then we chatted it up like school girls into the wee hours of the morning. Cowboy Mouth is a show I would recommend to any and every one but it wasn't just that. Last night anything awkward or uncomfortable about 2 girls getting to know one another melted away and became a loving friendship. Thank you for grabbing my hand and showing me what's it's like to be in the front row... I'm sure it's just the first of so many memories to come. And I'm honored to be sharing them with you XOXO

21 May 2009

because we are separate but the same

These are 2 similar but different videos recently posted under "Inspiration" on the Aspect Ratio company only blog:

Parallelostory from impactist on Vimeo.

20 May 2009

god bless friendspacebook

I mean, sometimes time CAN heal all wounds and then you don't even remember where that scar came from. Even when someone points it out to you and says, "remember when we were kids and I was pulling you on roller skates behind my bike and you fell down, skinning your knee and got this scar?" Even then you don't remember that actually happening. But if it did, in hindsight, it sure is funny. I mean, what did you think was going to happen if she pulled you behind her bike while you were roller skating? Ok, bad example because I was actually the one riding the bike (sorry LLF E).

Today I got a friend request on that site we all love to hate. I was surprised at first but even more surprised by the personal message attached to it. It was sweet and when I tried to own up to what nasties I'm sure I was guilty of, she excused me of ever having any. Even sweeter.

I've gone through a plethora of best friends in my lifetime thus far. Each with their own time and their own purpose. This one was one of the many close relationships that somehow has been lost. I don't remember why or how but it was just gone. We had nicknames and inside jokes. We even vacationed with each other's families. For our short time, it was like being sisters. I loved her and I'm pretty sure she loved me.

So there is nothing but happiness to find her taking this step back into my life again. I know there is a scar there but I can't even remember the fall so who cares how it happened? Life happens in mysterious ways. But I am so grateful that it happens at all.

18 May 2009

homegirl here to represent

This is Gwen Stefani climbing the barricade between the floor and the stands at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on Saturday night.

She was so close we could almost touch her (and My Heart tried - he might have grazed her arm but wasn't sure). I was grinning ear to ear watching her get just the guys in the crowed to sing "I'm just a girl" and then all the girls to blow them away. She was right there. So close. I could almost touch her. She is mesmerizing and I didn't remember that until Saturday night.

We thought it would be fun to get tickets to the show in August. They would be playing to their home town crowd at the end of a summer long tour and on my birthday none the less. But when Friend W purposed we go check out opening night of the tour in Vegas we said, why not?

I'm so glad we did. The show was tight. The crowd was into it. The band was into it. Visually it was stunning. And they played all the greats. No Doubt.

Oh, and Vegas was good too. We stayed at the Luxor which was close to the venue. They recently remodeled some of their rooms but they were just okay. Not bad. Not great. Friend W was fun and hit a couple of lucky streaks on the Wheel of Fortune slots (even though they're super hard to find these days). My Heart recently won a serious of events some guys put together to send the winner to a World Series of Poker satellite game so he got to enter that while we were there. He'll be going back in June to actually play. So, all in all it was a great mini-vacation. Next stop for me, Colorado. Just gotta get thru this week...

15 May 2009

a lot of typing going on

So here's what I started for our living room... this is basically the couch we have and we will mount the TV on the wall with floating shelves below it for the Receiver & Wii. My Heart and his dad will create built ins for all the CDs & DVDs. We also have the off-white flotaki rug coming soon. The walls are a creamy color and the floors a dark wood. Now if only I could get my hands on that Mark Ryden painting! What do you think?

14 May 2009

golden dirt is my favorite flavor

My Heart liked the office design I put together but he really wanted to see something with red chairs. Red might be my favorite color right now but it was pretty difficult for me to make this work. I spent the better half of a day putting it together and although I like the final result I'm still not in love with it. What do you think?

little boy blue

I'm in the market for some new sandals but wasn't ready to commit so I bought these instead:

Red shoes make EVERYTHING more exciting!

13 May 2009

sleepy morning sweetness

My sister helped me clear up my poochi bacon lung by posting this with a comment she made on a previous post:

If you know me, you know I have a special affinity for bears (that might be an understatement of sorts). This amazing work of art was created by artist Eiko Ishizawa. I have already emailed in hopes of obtaining a couple should they ever go into production. Here's to hoping!

12 May 2009

on things of a round nature

Here's where I'm thinking of going with our home office. (Of course I have to get My Heart's approval on everything first) Not sure if I'm loving it yet but I do know I want to mix the modern and the traditional.

We already have the 2 desks, 2 chairs (white Eames knock-offs) & the giant white bookshelves (and plenty of books to go on them!). Now we need to pull it all together with a rug for some color, a couple of reading chairs with a coffee table & then top it off with a few little decorative touches. I pulled a couple of polaroids off of polyvore and I'm loving the muted pops of color they add. I'd rather have a round rug but I do love the combo of color and pattern in this one. Oh, and our walls are already painted a very light grey. What do you think?

BFF G - I know you asked me to do this with Grandma's bathroom... send me a couple of photos of the bathroom and maybe some ideas of what you like and I'll hop right on that! XOXO

11 May 2009

ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky

as Friend C put it, "maybe you've seen this, maybe you haven't... but it's inspiration is worth the 9:48 minutes."

I say, at least give the first one a watch and go from there...
wish I could get what's inside, out like that.

(welcome back C, just wasn't the same without you)

06 May 2009

questions confusing my yellow dress

Ok, a couple of things...

A) I know I promised more photos from my fancy camera and I haven't follow through on that. There are so many excuses. I've been busy with the house. I've been sick. I don't really have a computer of my own so it's kind of hard to transfer photos and upload them (that's why I'm asking Santa for a new mac for Xmas!). I'm lazy. I'm forgetful.

B) I know I've kinda been phoning it in lately. No real posts about me or my life or actual writing just a lot of random links and videos. Those things are fun but I'm not being very personal with my blog now am I? I've been obsessing quietly and privately about some old stuff. Same old weighty issues that I keep saying I'm going to deal with but never do. Did I mention I'm lazy? Also, there is something bigger going on but I can't pinpoint it yet and I'm not sure who to talk about it with. I might need a professional.

Other than that:
  • House = good (all moved in, sort of)
  • I heart baby Emily! Can't wait to spend more time with her
  • I might have bacon lung or hamthrax
  • Denver Nuggets = AWESOME

05 May 2009

with this new life hope

Congratulations to Team AE and the arrival of their gorgeous baby girl!

Emily Ryan Nelson
Born May 4th, 2009 at 1:41pm PST
8lbs. 10 oz.

(photo courtesy of Emily's daddy - more to come, I just forgot my camera!)

01 May 2009

from queen to king by 8 o'clock


Here are a couple of things to check out in the LA area and one for everywhere!

Buy local at this year's Unique Los Angeles!

Friend S is in a play! Check her out, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays until May 23rd, in The Future?

And it may be May Day but it's also International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day!

Ok, now I'm going to have a quesadilla and then go home to make sure this cold goes away quick!

Got this via twitter from @clevertia & via email from Friend D yesterday... so funny :-)

Oh! And Aunt M sent this to me too... also funny :-)