06 May 2009

questions confusing my yellow dress

Ok, a couple of things...

A) I know I promised more photos from my fancy camera and I haven't follow through on that. There are so many excuses. I've been busy with the house. I've been sick. I don't really have a computer of my own so it's kind of hard to transfer photos and upload them (that's why I'm asking Santa for a new mac for Xmas!). I'm lazy. I'm forgetful.

B) I know I've kinda been phoning it in lately. No real posts about me or my life or actual writing just a lot of random links and videos. Those things are fun but I'm not being very personal with my blog now am I? I've been obsessing quietly and privately about some old stuff. Same old weighty issues that I keep saying I'm going to deal with but never do. Did I mention I'm lazy? Also, there is something bigger going on but I can't pinpoint it yet and I'm not sure who to talk about it with. I might need a professional.

Other than that:
  • House = good (all moved in, sort of)
  • I heart baby Emily! Can't wait to spend more time with her
  • I might have bacon lung or hamthrax
  • Denver Nuggets = AWESOME


Minn said...

Hope your poochi bacon lung clears up soon! If you visit this site you might feel better faster.

Matilda said...

Lauren is having a yellow dress made for her school formal. It's going to be beautiful!