14 February 2011

to you with love

My Heart and I have never been much into this day of hearts and roses.  For one, I don't like flowers really, unless they are planted and in their natural environment.  Also, I don't want to be reminded to open my heart, it should be something we think about doing every day.  I understand if it's your thing but it's just not mine.

Love, every day, that's my thing and I'm working on being more present in that.  So this story hit close to home for me because of that very thing.  But also, if you know me you will know that the following 3 statements are true:
  1. I come from a family of police officers
  2. I am an unconditional, bleeding heart, lover of all animals
  3. I am familiar with losing someone I love to cancer

We think this world is too big to change but if we start with I, then it will become WE.  More on that later...