09 July 2009

forget her, she doesn't love you

These gorgeous heels on are Gilt.com right now... Oh, how I long for them! I hate this not shopping thing. By the way, did I mention I'm trying to not spend so much money on things so that we can remodel our kitchen and master bathroom? But these beauties were once $695 and are now only &198!

Also, I have new motivation to start getting shit done around our house...
1) Dad-in-Law has built some great shelves for us and is in progress with more!
2) We are thinking of throwing a fancy Halloween party!
3) We are having my family over for Thanksgiving!

So now I've gotta get back on track with decorating... just gotta listen to the sage advise of the Lil Bee and focus on one room at a time :-)


amy b.s. said...

oh, i saw those yesterday and so wanted them. it too have quit shopping for a while. it's sad. very sad.

Matilda said...

$198 might buy light fixtures or something like that, that you will need. Even though the shoes are gorgeous... your house needs to be gorgeous too!