12 May 2009

on things of a round nature

Here's where I'm thinking of going with our home office. (Of course I have to get My Heart's approval on everything first) Not sure if I'm loving it yet but I do know I want to mix the modern and the traditional.

We already have the 2 desks, 2 chairs (white Eames knock-offs) & the giant white bookshelves (and plenty of books to go on them!). Now we need to pull it all together with a rug for some color, a couple of reading chairs with a coffee table & then top it off with a few little decorative touches. I pulled a couple of polaroids off of polyvore and I'm loving the muted pops of color they add. I'd rather have a round rug but I do love the combo of color and pattern in this one. Oh, and our walls are already painted a very light grey. What do you think?

BFF G - I know you asked me to do this with Grandma's bathroom... send me a couple of photos of the bathroom and maybe some ideas of what you like and I'll hop right on that! XOXO

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Weena said...

I think I'll be able to start the cleansing process this weekend, so I'll get you pics after that!