30 April 2008

just the drippings

#19 Learn how to weld

#33 Start composting

#8 Climb Pikes Peak

#12 Experience Paris with My Heart

#37 Take golf lessons

29 April 2008

ain't life grand

I forgot to tell you that I almost died at Coachella but a cherry snow cone saved my life.

Today is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's so get out there and get ya self some ice cream!

Tomorrow is 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins so don't fret if you can't get to the B & J today, you've always got cheap ice cream tomorrow.

28 April 2008

his wife could eat no lean

The tickets are finally booked. My Heart and I are officially going down under to celebrate our 30th birthdays this summer.

Since I have been a couple of times to the island country that is Australia we are also going to expand our trip over to New Zealand. This will be a first for both of us. We figure it'll be a special way to celebrate that next unexplored decade of our lives.

I love vacation!

As for this past weekend at Coachella, the pros definitely outweighed the cons even if in the beginning it looked bleak.

We had to park about a mile and a half out from the on-site camp ground because the camper parking was full. Which wouldn't have been a big deal if we didn't have to walk in the 100 degree sun with arms full of heavy gear. Thanks to the nice lady who gave us a ride on her golf cart I didn't cry! Then we find out we would have to go back to the car and put a parking tag in it so we wouldn't get towed. Ugh. I started to cry.

But like I said the pros were on our side. We got there in time to see DeVotchKa. We ate yummy (and for me, vegetarian) fair food. We also saw Dwight Yoakam, Rilo Kiley, M.I.A. (briefly) and my beloved and flawless Portishead, followed up with an amazing set by Prince. It seemed like the day just got better and better. The quality of music and musicians was outstanding. And it was nice that we didn't have to drive the 2+ hours home afterward but were able to curl up in our little tent. What a great experience. So yes, the desert sucks because of the heat and the dirt and some of the people and and and... with all that said and done, I can safely say we had fun ;-)

This weekend we head out to the metropolis of C Springs for the Big Day (and The Captain will be in tow - whoo hoo!).

23 April 2008

alice through the looking glass

One of my greatest joys in life was spending time in a dark room. The calm, serene feeling of being alone with your mind and your eye - to make it work - to make it come alive in the darkness. It was pure heaven for me. I haven't been able to do that since college although I have picked up a camera now and again.
With the focus on creating a Bucket List I realize how much photography really means to me. And I am bound and determined to get back into it even if it's only to entertain my own notions of art.
Today I joined an online newsletter to help get those creative juices flowing, Photojojo. We'll see if it helps to inspire...
Another thing I did was ask to be a part of The Anonymous Photo Project. Sure it doesn't actually involve me taking the photographs but it's kind of like, "hi photo meet my friend blog."
Now all I need is a nice new digital camera of my own... Hint. Hint. ;-)

22 April 2008

a complete physical

Perfect Puppy Academy class was way better last night than it was the first night. So not only can our dog beat up your dog but he can also out spell him. Go Captain!

I'm sick - again - maybe for the 5th or so time this year. What is up!?

Today is Earth Day. Happy Day Earth! I am only running a Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb in my office today. I am not using paper products today. Oh wait, I do that every day! I should have taken the bus to work.

I've got some projects going on for Disney at work these days. I like work.

I'm sipping on Yerba Mate like always. Yum.

I need to call my sister to:
A) Tell her we changed our flight and it now lands directly in the Springs
B) See if she can pick us up or if we should rent a car
C) Let her know that The Captain will be with us
D) Confirm her address (for a puppy health certificate)

I wore converse to work today.

Benihana with the girls was fun but could have been more fun. We did see Brian Austin Green when we left and he looked kind of pissed off. Whatever.

I ate chicken at lunch :-(

I created a bucket list. Maybe I'll share with you all some day.

I'm going to run out for a few minutes. Bye.

20 April 2008

the cotton in my ears

I got a call from Benihana in Santa Monica this afternoon saying they needed to cancel my reservations tonight but after that I couldn't quite understand what the man on the phone said - even though I asked him twice to explain it (hoping to catch a hint). It sounded something like bomb or bum in their kitchen and they couldn't open, hadn't opened all day.

We're going to Benihana in Beverly Hills instead.

19 April 2008

sweet dreams

I worked out hard tonight. Came home, took a shower and got into my comfy (new) robe (from Friend C - kinda) and slipped into my night. Had a dinner alone watching Gossip Girl (I think I'm all caught up and CAN NOT WAIT for the new episodes next week) and now, one too many glasses of wine in, I think I am going to bed. My Heart is with the boys driving up to Mammoth for the weekend. Be safe. Be happy. Love you...

18 April 2008

you gotta have style like kanye

I am in love with the fact that today is FRIDAY! I feel rejuvenated. I feel energized. I feel like a new person. I am ready to face the world. I am ready to rock.

I don't know why I am so happy but for once in my life I might be looking forward to summer. I usually loathe the heat and the sun - I get depressed during this sort of weather rather than the cloudy and cold winter - but this year I've vowed to make it the summer of the tan. I know, I know... I vowed that last year yet my legs remained an effervescent white, blinding to the naked eye. Trust me, it is going to be different this year. I'm not going to run in paranoia, fearful of the big C. Nope, I'm going to embrace the sun and take it a step further... I am going to worship those rays and the healthy dose of Vitamin D they're providing. And it's already begun.

Tomorrow I'm going to Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach for their annual Earth Day celebration with Friend K. I plan on wearing a skirt or shorts and tank top for maximum sun exposure. Then next weekend My Heart and I head out to the dessert for Coachella. It's supposed to be 99 degrees on Saturday and 100 on Sunday. Whoo Hoo! Sun, here I come! Although I will be wearing sun screen and maybe a hat.

16 April 2008

the destination is the journey

For those of you who know me, and have seen me in the past 2 or so years, know that my favorite shoe is the Palladium Sarlat. I own 2 pair in this particular color:

I also own an adorable green & brown pair as well as an interesting white pair that don't get worn that often. But these black ones are a staple in my wardrobe. They are super comfy and pretty stylish. I mean it wasn't an over-night transition from my beloved converse to today's heels and these puppies have helped so much along the way that I will never give them up.

So, I went to the Palladium website to see what other cute creations they have available and ended up signing up for their mailing list called Bribes. Love it. The first Bribe was getting 10 of your friends to also sign up for this mailing list. If you do, they'll give you $100 credit towards anything on the site. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... if you got the email from me go sign up! You can always cancel it later. If you didn't get the email from me but love the shoes let me know so I can send you the email and you can sign up and I can get closer to my new shoes!

In other news:
  • My Heart is at jury duty today.
  • Took The Captain to Friend E's house on Saturday for his going away BBQ. He'll be going to London for at least 6 months to work on State of Play. Let me just say that I think my little dog was the hit of the party ;-)
  • Had a lovely dinner with Friends S & T on Sunday night. Then went to their place for a rousing game of Wii Tennis.
  • I start committee meetings tomorrow at Project Angel Food for their CSW parade float.

11 April 2008

happy to be home

Today Co-worker D pointed me in the direction of Golden Bridge where I enjoyed a delectable salad created by moi at Nite Moon Cafe. Completely vegan, completely delicious and just a short walk away. I sat quietly outside eating and reading. I think I've found my new lunch routine.

Friend G brought me this magazine today. He thought I would enjoy it, especially since it is their green issue. I love it and love that he knew I'd love it! But I guess that's what you get from a fellow welder (or at least someone with a desire to weld like my own).

08 April 2008

la la la human step

This amazing company has a new production "Amjad" which we went to see Saturday night at UCLA's Royce Hall.
I was mesmerized. I guess that wasn't the case for 1/3 of the audience since they walked out. Jerks.

C & J had a going away party on Friday night which I went to without My Heart (he was rocking out at a Les Claypool show). I was a social butterfly. It was fun and I didn't get home until 3am - so unlike me! Have fun in Australia ladies... wish I was going with.

Took The Captain for an evaluation at Bow Wow Bungalow (doggy day care) and he passed with flying colors. Whoo Hoo!!! Now we can take him there during the day to play his little brains out while mom and dad are working. Though we do love our dog walker (thank you Mitch@City Pets) and will still have her take him out on most days.

04 April 2008

where have the days gone

there are slight pains in my chest.
i'm feeling sorrow for something i never lost.
isolated but not in my cocoon.
reaching but not getting there.

wondering what happened.
knowing nothing.
hoping it's okay.

realizing the beauty of it all.
without doubt but lost in hope.
I am enough.

03 April 2008

get out yer batons

Is today my birthday and someone forgot to tell me?

I decided I would treat myself to a manicure at lunch today. I know, I know... you're all wondering what happened to the girl you know and love because she would never go get a manicure at lunch or ever for that matter.
Well, my nails were getting long and hadn't been dealt with in a while so instead of cutting them I got a manicure. And they're now a lovely shade of light purple. Very spring. Very girly.
While walking to the nail place I decided to call My Heart to tell him I love him. He said he was out getting a sandwich but when I inquired further he admitted that he was lying and was really on a surprise mission.
Half an hour later while still sitting in the nail salon my phone rings and it's My Heart. He's at my office but I'm not there! He decides to come by the salon instead.
Low and behold the sweetest man in the world shows up with the sweetest treat... My Beloved Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes (and chocolate and vanilla)!!!
So sweet right. But it doesn't end there...
When I got back to my office my print from Hide n Seek was sitting on my desk in the most gorgeous packaging you have ever seen. Nobody takes this much care or pride in sending goods out these days. Beautiful brown paper with lovely print all wrapped up nicely with a red bow. And not only was the print I ordered in there but a hand written letter from the artist and a couple of extra goodies from her.
What a special day. Thank you me, thank you Eloise, thank you My Heart. I feel very loved today. :o)

01 April 2008

one can dream

I love winter. I love cozy, cold, snow, warm, happy, family, christmas, love winter.

I am not a big fan of baked goods.

I do however love red velvet cake. If it's perfect. One time it made me cry. Granted I had had a pretty crappy day and a nice co-worker thought of me while having a client lunch. She brought back from that lunch a mini red velvet cake from Doughboys. I had heard these were amazing. Nothing had prepared me for what I tasted. I cried. So good.

The only problem with that cake was its size. I couldn't eat the whole thing in one sitting (ok, yes I could but let's not go there) and it just wasn't as good the next day. It is smaller than a normal cake which helps but still. Then I discovered cupcakes. I know these are all the rage with the hip kids these days but I don't care. Count me in. They are the PERFECT size. Enough to satisfy me but not too much to feel guilty about. I've tried a couple of the trendy places around town; Sprinkles, Joan's on Third, Suzie Cakes... all pretty good but not tear inducing. I guess I'm going to have to accept the fact that the moment has been created and can never be duplicated.

Mmmm, cupcakes. Does April Fool's Day count as a cupcake worthy holiday?