16 July 2009

oh no you didn't

Went to see Harry Potter at the Chinese last night... it was an odd experience. I parked at Hollywood & Highland, as you walk up the stairs and out to the street you pass through the Kodak Theater entrance which is lined with stores and along some walls are giant ads. As I was passing a Louis Vuitton ad there was a family standing in front of it. Mom, Dad and 2 little girls (maybe 8 and 6 years oldish). This family was probably on vacation because most people at Hollywood & Highland are. This family was also having their family vacation photo taken in front of a giant Louis Vuitton ad. Does anyone else find that odd???

Ok, so got to the line where My Heart was waiting with some Baja Fresh for me and scarfed it down before going into the theater because no outside food is allowed in. When we got into the theater it was a madhouse of people but a lot of the seats were still empty. That was because one person was saving an entire row of seats for their friends/family. It was ridiculous! My Heart almost had to throw down with this one jerk who told him to beat it when he wanted to sit in an empty row the jerk was trying to guard.

We finally found a couple of seats not being saved and settled in for the trailers. Only to be distracted by an awful smell that was similar to vomit of cheese & jalapenos. Then the madness began. I can't remember what was shouted first but it was loud and directly behind me. As I turned to see who the perpetrator was the smell got stronger. So of course, we sat directly in front of some strange woman who was all alone, eating the most disgustingly fragrant food (that was most certainly NOT bought from the concession stand) and shouting at the characters on the screen for the entire movie. "Yea, Luna! That's my girl!" "Oh no you didn't!" "Don't trust that crazy bitch!" I think she was crazy and I'm most certain everyone else felt it too because nobody said a word to her. And before the final scene was concluded she was out of her seat and leaving the theater. Now tell me that's not odd!?

As for the movie, I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who's not yet seen it but plans to. But I will say I kinda wish I hadn't re-read the book right before seeing. I'm not a fan of David Yates (the director) but his work on this was decent although flat.


Minn said...

Depends on the ad. Was it the most beautiful amazing advertisement ever? No? Odd.

the girL said...

I do not recall it being beautiful or amazing in any way really.

amy b.s. said...

shoot, i reread the book and am seeing it tonight! however, there had better not be some crazy lady sitting in front of me!