30 September 2008

let the fog roll in

The heat has reared it's ugly head again and it's monstrous. Someone told me that the seasons change in his heart - that's because we live in LA and every season is the same. I'm sorry, but fuck this 90 degree weather we're having. It makes me cranky. It makes me lazy. Last night we took a late night walk and it was still hot out! I'm losing my mind...

It must be the heat but I'm feeling pretty crappy of late. You ever get to that point where you're done trying? You try so hard each and every day that it's gotta come to an end eventually. Or someone's gotta start giving you something back to help refuel maybe.

I know I can be bitchy - I am not necessarily a bitch but yes, I am bitchy. But I come to work every day with a pretty damn good attitude and I know it's my job to make other people's lives just that much easier. Well then, quit bitching! Give me a little something to work with here. It's tough for me too you know. We choose to be here so suck it up!

And I may be a bit selfish at times but I am a damn good girlfriend. Show me that it matters, that I matter. I want to feel the adoration every single fucking day - I know it's hard work but nothing comes easy. We're a team and we've gotta keep practicing to stay in this game.

Here's where I need to put in some major work of my own (I'm not afraid to admit it); spending time outside of my cocoon. If I step forward and start making this effort then I want you to do the same. Let's not say we're going to do a Sunday dinner and then never do it. Let's actually run that next 5k and have those drinks and get that dinner. My first step - yes, I am going to play coed touch football with you Friend J. I have signed up, paid my $75 and I am committed damn it! So the rest of you commit and let's have some fun already.

Phew, that felt good... sorry to be so bitchy but it's this heat I'm telling you.

27 September 2008

finding the clearing

I have been so consumed with work lately. I knew what I was getting myself into when I started back in the business - but I feel like I'm losing touch. So I wanted to remind you (and me) that...
  • I have a great partner/teammate in My Heart.
  • Dogs will love you no matter what and are really great to come home to (when they haven't pooped in the house).
  • Los Angeles can be an exciting place to live.
  • Sometimes shopping really does help.
  • Diamonds aren't always a girl's best friend - it's nice to have real girlfriends to fall back on.
  • The right shoes can make almost any outfit killer.
  • The heat will end eventually.
  • The holidays are not about buying or receiving presents.
  • Hobbies help to define who you are as a person.
  • I love photography.
  • Life is too short not to follow up on those dinner plans.
  • Not all people suck.

25 September 2008

the hyper hypo

My Heart planned a day out for us last weekend that started with breakfast at a new little place we've been eyeing, included roller coasters and knee socks and ended with this discovery:

It was a virtual wonderland of candy! The bright, bold and colorful enticing the senses brought so much joy - I was literally a kid in a candy shop!

My favorites are probably the gummy bears (since I am a bear).

Or maybe this display case - it was gorgeous! I would have been happy with any one of these treats.

I loved the non-edible sugar they had too (reminds me of my days as Sugar). Maybe someone will surprise me with something...

Is it so wrong that I needed to see up her skirt???


In the end, My Heart found his favorites and so we took home a little sugar treasure of our own.

(Gummy Cokes)
(And thank you My Heart for lending me your precious iPhone to document this)

24 September 2008

for what it's worth

I don't know if it's actually critical but it's interesting.
It's a PBS online poll that is asking one question, "Is Palin qualified to be VP?"
What do you think...


And don't forget to vote - now that is critical!

23 September 2008

little lace socks

Oh Glamour, aren't you just so cute!

10 Ways to Be an Even Better Friend

Want to ensure your friends can go to you for anything? Here's how.

By Kimberly Bonnell & Pamela Redmond Satran

1. Gossip, yes, but don't get mean. She'll wonder whether you're talking that way about her to everyone else.

2. If she's got a poppy seed in her teeth, mascara under her eyes or deodorant on her sweater, tell her.

3. Do not ̶ repeat, do not ̶ side with her mother.

4. If she's crazy about him, pretend he's your brother and never date him. Ever.

5. Have that scary fight about how she's been bugging you. If you can go there for a guy, you can for her, too.

6. Keep her ring size filed away in case you-know-who calls for advice about you-know-what.

7. Oh, just wear the bridesmaid's dress.

8. See straight through her attempts at cool perfection and love her more for the weaknesses she's trying to hide.

9. Remind her that she wasn't that into him, either.

10. When the guy dumps her, the cat gets cancer, the job explodes, simply be there.

22 September 2008

never say never

I NEVER post twice in one day but this is an occasion that calls for it...


my secret identity

It used to be Victoria but now it's Katie...

(Photos courtesy of Frugal-Fashionista)

21 September 2008

dear body, thank you

I did it.
I'm home now - showered and clean and relaxed.
My nerves were for nothing. It was so much easier than I expected.
I finished faster than I thought I would and it was nowhere near last!
Not to mention all the free shwag I picked up ;-)
So when's the next 5k ladies?

Thank you to all my friends and family for the support - it's the only reason I actually showed up today!

20 September 2008

you are so intriguing

I've been wearing My Heart's cologne lately.

A) Because it smells like him and I want to be closer to him somehow
B) Because it smells like him and I want him to notice
C) Because it smells like Fall more than my perfume does

Since A & B don't seem to be working I went ahead and found my own smell for Fall and I'm so happy I did... Jo Malone Sweet Lime and Cedar Cologne is exactly what I was looking for.

19 September 2008

shooting stars

My Dad sent us girLs an email describing Luc's last day and I loved it so much I thought I'd post it. Poor one out for our old friend...

Well its been a week now and i'd thought i'd send out an update.
Luc spent the last night on earth cuddled up in a blanket in my arms. We stayed up until 2:30 having a few drinks and reminising about old times. We shared a few laughs, some tears and some bacardi. Then I put Luc to bed with Mooshie. The next morning Luc was all excited to be going for a car ride. Made me second guess the decision as he picked his little head up and wanted to stick it out the window. He loved car rides. But when we got to the vets office, he just lay there with no energy and when the vet. came in, right away he agreed it was time. Made me feel a lot better about the decision. Luc went peacefully, the last words he heard ( or I hope he heard cuz you know he was deaf) were "You're a good boy lukie boy" as I held him for the vet.
Mooshie's just loving all the attention that he's been getting, new haircut, extra walks and cuddling, double the treats (he especially loves double the treats, he potties twice as much just to get a treat!!) The first couple of days he would bark in his kennel, just sit there and bark. I think he realizes now that Luc isn't coming back.
The vets office called on monday to say that Luc's ashes were ready to get picked up. Wasn't ready to do that yet. Not till Thursday. Mooshie and I went to go get him. Mooshie doesn't know how to ride in a car, he's afraid to stick his head out the window and all he wants to do is sit in my lap!! Well we picked them up and i tried to tell mooshie that it was luc, but he didn't buy it. Wasn't sure how i would feel picking up luc's ashes but actually when i put them on the mantle above the fireplace, it was a good feeling, cuz luc's home again. and he'll always be home.
M, love the picture on the post on the blog.

18 September 2008

solace in the equinox

Dear Fall,
I miss you old friend.
The comfort of your crisp air and vibrant colors no longer here for me.
Where did you go and why so far away?
Oh, you say, it was me who left?
I am sorry dear one for I miss you more than the others.
I miss the passing of the summer months with the hope for something fresh and new.
I long to take in the deep clean breaths of your cold but not yet frozen air.
To feel that change once again seems from so long ago.
To go back to those times... those good times.
Of family and of friends.
Of the familiar and the unknown.
My dearest fall.
How can you ever forgive me leaving you, my favorite, for something so unworthy.
If only you would bring me back with open arms and love me the way I love you.
Yours Always,
the GirL

17 September 2008

go team taco

It's getting so close and I'm getting so nervous.
I should have trained harder.
Why didn't I train harder?
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
I don't want to be the last one to finish.
I want to be able to finish with my friends.
What was I thinking doing this?
It's for a good cause.
It's more than just for me.
Wanna help?

Donate to Kickin Cancer

Join Us and Run!

16 September 2008

scared to look

And on a lighter note today...

Really Domino's? Really?

15 September 2008

ahead of the tombstone

A bit disconnected in that all too connected sort of way
Running around feeling lost and hostile
Not wanting to be anything but alone
Missing you
Missing them
Wondering when it all becomes
That circle
Full circle

When you just want to be
Within that space that suffocates
Separated because you feel
Happy but you don't know how to be
When it all went wrong
When it was right
Right there

13 September 2008

someone out there helping

Not a single phone call, text message or email... hmm, well no matter. I am fine thanks. I did not happen to be on that train so I am fine. But others were not so lucky...

Dear M --

Yesterday afternoon, a Metrolink commuter train carrying 225 people collided with a freight train in the Chatsworth area of the San Fernando Valley, killing at least 23 and leaving at least 135 injured. Survivors have been rushed to several local area hospitals and many are in critical condition.

Many of you have asked what you can do to help. The UCLA Blood and Platelet Center will be open Monday through Friday to accept blood donations. Healthy donors of all blood types are needed to donate blood. Appointments can be made by calling 310-794-7217 ext. 2. Contact the Red Cross at 800-RED-CROSS or visit www.redcross.org for other information about blood donation or ways you can help.

Thank you, and please keep your thoughts and prayers with the families and victims affected by this terrible tragedy.


Mitchell Schwartz
California State Director
Obama for America

12 September 2008

friday filler

#39 Vacation in Costa Rica

#31 Sew myself something

#14 Get a photograph published

#22 Learn to meditate

#4 Be humble

10 September 2008

talking smack

When I was in 5th grade I had this 6th grader as a best friend. She lived down the street and introduced me to boy's racing bikes, scooters, holy water and Dr. Pepper. I never really cared for soda even though we always had Pepsi in the house but once I met Dr. Pepper I was in love.

Another love was Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Lip Balm which my mom usually put in our stockings every Christmas along with chocolate Santas.

My world was complete the year I found the Dr. Pepper Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Lip Balm at the bottom of my stocking.

Cut to a decade and then some later and my newest love - thanks to life long best friend G... on 10 cosmetics Dr. Pepper Berries & Cream In Good Taste Lip Conditioner with SPF 15 Sunscreen. This was in my birthday package and I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks G!

(Wish I could find a pic of the beautiful box it comes in)

09 September 2008

who has the heart

Today was unusual in that I left the office for lunch. I was actually a bit lost in what to do with myself. I had put a call in to My Heart but he was busy. I decided to go to the book store and eat with a new read. I drove because it's LA and it's hot and I have heels on and I'm lazy. At the meter there was a shiny new quarter sitting on top waiting for me to put it in. I went into Borders and wandered forever but couldn't find what I was looking for. I didn't know the name of either book or the name of either author even though they are father and son. Luckily, the staff were crafty and knowledgeable and good investigators/hunters. We found both books. Correction, they found both books - Tweak by Nic Sheff and beautiful boy by David Sheff. I bought them both. I was going to go to this little Thai place and pick up something to go but passed a Japanese place on my way back to the car. I went in with the intention of taking something from there to go. I ended up sitting at a table for four - just me and my books. The food was good but the service was relaxed. I ate and I read and finally I left. Walked to my car with the intentions of paying back the quarter to the next meter parker. But I had a ticket. A stupid parking ticket. But thanks for the quarter anyway, it was nice.

08 September 2008

something to try

There was this box of glass you got into and then it moved from the inside out and then it went clear. That's how you could see how far up you really were. That's how you could see how far away from home you'd really gone. That was the Eureka Tower. I am afraid of heights but not afraid of trying something. It was on this day that we were walking through Federation Square and I saw this and it was one of my favorites. Meet Chor Boogie:

06 September 2008

use the force

Once there was a role of film left on the kitchen counter with a note saying, "if you want to know what your dogs do while you are away develop this." We developed it...

Today after a long and very happy life, my first dog ever is being put to sleep.
Luc, you were a sweet and fun little puppy your whole life. Always up for anything us three girls put you through. Mushy will be lost without your lead. I love you buddy.
You are a good dog.

05 September 2008

my candy store

My shopping spree won't be this fancy but oh how I love this Balenciaga...

04 September 2008

insert applause and laughter here

Hello? Is this thing on?

I know, I know... almost a month and nothing but silence from me.
Work's been coming at me left and right and I know that's not an excuse but once you've stepped out of your blogger shoes for long enough it's scary putting them back on. Will they fit? Will they go with my outfit? Will my friends like them? So don't be too harsh just yet.

Run down:
Went on vacation.
Had such a great time on vacation.
Came back from vacation.
Have been working my ass off non-stop.
Did not even have a Labor Day weekend.
Just Labor.
Kind of running.
Can finish 2 miles in 30 minutes.
Not sure how I'm going to get through 3 miles.
Eating back on track for the most part.
The puppy had cancer.
The puppy is now cancer free.
Barely surviving the heat of September.
It's only the 4th of September.
I am 30.

I can not believe it is already the 4th of September! Before you know it Fall will be here and then the holidays! I'm looking forward to that because I think I'm in my summer slump right now. I think I'm going to go reward myself for last weekend's labor with a fancy shopping spree. Maybe that will help me to feel a bit better. Any other suggestions?

Oh, and I'm sorry - what's new with you?