30 May 2008

my puzzle piece connected

So what the hell is a finisher anyway? I know it doesn't make sense. People in my own industry don't get it unless they are one. So, even though I was trying to be a bit cryptic I will explain further.

I am a post production supervisor for a motion picture marketing company in Hollywood. Sounds fancy and I guess it is but it's much easier to say I'm a finisher. That's how I was brought up in the business so that's what I believe.

Long story, well, long... I came out to LA from Colorado over 8 years ago in hopes of finding a career in editing. I fell into finishing because I am naturally organized, detail oriented and have an eagle eye.

So here I am. A post production supervisor (that's what my new business card says anyway).

IMDB defines Post-Production Supervisor as follows:
"A person overseeing the entire post-production of a project. They report directly to the producer and/or the studio in charge of the feature. Working side by side with the director and editor, the supervisor has the responsibility of finishing the film on time and on budget while satisfying the wants of the director. Post-production supervisors have authority over post-production coordinators. Typical duties include: controlling all activities with vendors such as optical houses, sound facilities, inserts, ADR, reshooting, CGI, score, delivery requirements to domestic and international distributors, legal clearances, preview screenings, color timing, video mastering and budgeting the movie through the completion and delivery."
That's basically what I do but on a smaller scale. I finish TV spots, trailers, radio spots, etc. for the advertising campaigns on movies. I love it and I'm proud to say that I think I'm really good at it. There was a brief period in my professional career when I didn't think this is what I was supposed to be doing. I left to find myself and what I found was that I am a finisher at heart and I love it. I have also had a short stint working on features which was great and a little less stressful because you have so much more time to "finish" a feature than you do a TV spot or trailer. When it comes down to it though, I'm meant to be on the real tail end of the finish.

Any questions?

29 May 2008

on caps of snow covered

I'm having bloggers block as I'm trying to not think about shoes so much.
Here are a couple of things going on:

Memorial Day Weekend was spent relaxing, shopping and having dinner with friends. It was a really good time. We also saw Forgetting Sara Marshall which was hilarious. And we took the puppy to the park where he jumped off a picnic table, hitting face first and cutting his mouth a little. It was a very mom and dad moment for us when we rushed him home afterwards. Don't worry, he's fine.

I got new business cards at work and they are very cool. Email me if you want me to send you one. I've got a 1000 to spare.

My Heart and I need to figure out what to do in New Zealand in August. Other than sky diving, any suggestions?

I have been asked to play in a coed touch football league. I have never played football in my life but think it could be a lot of fun. I'm kind of scared and kind of excited. I'll be gone for 2 of the 6 weeks and it's kind of pricey. Should I do it anyway?

And last but not least... the CSW Pride Parade is coming up and the float building has begun! To all you locals out there... Are you a frustrated artist, painter, builder, etc? Come help us re-create the Project Angel Food kitchen on the back of a flat bed truck! If you don't want to get your hands dirty then maybe you have something to donate that can help:
  • paint (water-based)
  • paintbrushes
  • wood
  • foam board (+printing if possible - we want to make giant utensils!)
  • cardboard boxes / large pieces of cardboard
  • cloth (rainbow colors or white or blue)
If you want to help in anyway (including participating in the parade or the PAF booth) just get in touch with me and I'll fill you in on the details.

26 May 2008

is the cat out of that bag yet

A couple of months ago the entire company was called to an impromptu meeting. The receptionist was asked to lock the front door - it was that serious. We would be working on a super secret project and we were not to discuss it, not even within the hallways of our own building, until after the release date. That was it - no name, not even a release date. It was on a need to know basis.

Cut to last week when our newly designed website launched a new home page in holiday Google style. Apparently it was now ok to disscuss the project. I mean, it was and still is out there for the whole world to find.

So now, with the secrecy gone and the numbers in we can safely celebrate out loud. The studio sent over this sweet treat in recognition of all our hard work. Way to go AR!

25 May 2008

what to do next

#27 Run a 5k or half marathon

#6 Buy a home

#40 Visit New England in the fall

#17 Give a major gift to an organization I really care about

#11 Do something crafty with the tables in our house

24 May 2008

when nothing else fits

Okay, so I am also addicted to shoes.

I can not find any additional information on 2 pair of shoes that I am in love with. And I do fancy myself quite a good little googler.

#1 The shoes Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is wearing in the big battle scene at the end of Iron Man. They are adorable, very tall, black strappy stilettos.

#2 The shoes Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) is wearing in one of the opening scenes of the Gossip Girl Season Finale. RED! sling backs.

23 May 2008

good day sir, i said good day

Two things that fascinate me and terrify me:
  • Jet Propulsion
  • Growing a Little Human

22 May 2008

god bless jessie spano

I'm in a particularly good mood today and I'm drinking a cup of coffee this morning (a rarity for me these days - the coffee not the good mood). It makes me think of this, one of the greatest moments in television history:

My Heart and I watched Enchanted last night instead of going out to Verdugo Bar with some friends. I hate to be those kind of people that flake out every time but I really haven't been feeling well and it was nice to stay in, cook a meal together, open a bottle of wine and watch a movie. It was a cute movie too.

21 May 2008

dorothy would be jealous

I have been on an eternal search for the perfect red shoe. I've purchased 2 different pair since the search began many years ago (ok, 3 if you count the ones I bought online for $10 and never once wore - a sweet find at the local Goodwill for one very lucky lady). Each cute in its own right but not the perfect red shoe I've been looking for.

I have looked near and far. Stores. Internet. Catalogs. And yet I've come up short. Yesterday I discovered LIKE.com and did a red shoe search on there. It brought hundreds of choices and I found a couple that I really like...

This shoe is cute and Kenneth Cole is one of my favs but I'm not convinced I love the heel.

I like how understated and simple this shoe is. I don't like the $300+ price for understated and simple no matter who's name is on the label.

I LOVE this shoe but Zappos doesn't have my size and I haven't been successful in finding it for sale anywhere else. If I do find it, I will take a chance and buy it. I'm sorry My Heart, I know this goes against the rules of no more buying shoes online since I have to return 75% of them for various reasons. This one is worth the chance.

And then there is this one.
The jewel of my most recent red shoe search (and yes, I know it's not red). See, this is how I get into trouble.
This one also comes at a pretty price but doesn't it look so worth it!?

20 May 2008

do i smell cake

This is a record breaking day!

I have now had more posts in the month of May than any other month in the short history of my blog! I have been aiming to do a new post every other day so that people like me would have something new to read more often than not.

I am one of those people who reads my list of blogs religiously every day. Actually, I should say that I check them religiously every day - there isn't necessarily something new to read each day. Ok, in all reality I check them multiple times a day in the hopes of something new - hence the name of this blog. I am addicted.

I know people are busy. You all have lives. That's why I love reading your blogs. To see into your lives. I just wish there was new content more often. I think Sarah's Fab Day does a pretty nice job of keeping it new. Thanks Sarah.

So I hope I have done the same for you. I hope that you are just as excited to read my blog because of it's new (and entertaining?) content being posted on a regular basis.

Thanks for reading!

19 May 2008

and how was your day

Ok, ok... point taken. Bees are good. I'm sorry bees. I love your honey. I love all your hard work. Why can't you just chill the f out though!?

Weekend was good. Hot, but good.

Captain Little Bear graduates from the Perfect Puppy Academy tonight. He was also in a commercial shoot last week and did better than all the other dogs. Maybe we should get him an agent...

Now I'm settling in to my week. Didn't have a very productive day at work today - albeit not entirely my fault. Personally I feel very tired which in turn leads to feeling unmotivated. I find that when I'm in this place (which has been off and on lately) it really reflects physically with me. I'm not that comfortable in my outfit today as it looks kind of mom-ish and not very put together. I let my hair air dry and I have no make up on. On top of that I have really bad eye allergies that make my eyes puffy and red. I'm just not feeling that great about myself.

Dr. Cari is working on helping me tell myself that I am doing my best. I'm currently in the space where my brain is trying to convince me to do my best which is just setting myself up for failure.

I am doing my best.

It's hard to convince myself of that. Although, I really wanted to eat Taco Bell today but instead went to the Nite Moon Cafe at Golden Bridge Yoga. And while I did indulge in a vegan PB&J cup I also had a vegan burger with a side salad instead of nachos bell grande and a burrito.

Baby steps...

18 May 2008

sorry maya

I do not like bees. I have only been stung once but it doesn't matter.
If I could I would punch all bees in the face.
Stupid bees.

17 May 2008

what is that refreshing smell

Ahhh, the start of another weekend. I love waking up in the morning and not totally dreading work. I love going to bed on Sunday night not completely upset with the prospect of going to work in the morning. But I still LOVE my weekends more!

We are going to another music festival of sorts this weekend. We will take another jaunt around town to check on some open houses. And we will spend some time with friends catching up on the Indy trilogy before #4 comes out.

It sure is Spring and our schedule is in full swing! Even though we live in Southern California we still have a tendency to hibernate in the winter. It's amazing how you don't realize what you haven't done until you can feel the dawn of Spring near. You feel restless and kind of sad because you don't do anything. But then it hits like a wave and the schedule fills up again. Can you believe that next weekend is Memorial Day already!?

So friends, call me or email me because my time is going fast ;-)

16 May 2008

short but sweet

Today was co-worker L's last day. We gave him a great send off as he will be missed. He was one of the first people to be-friend me here and he truly felt like a friend even if I only knew him for a short while. I will miss him.

But in proper AR style we ate and drank to celebrate the occasion. I've never been at a company that can honestly congratulate an employee moving on and thank them for the service they've given. AR did just that and beautifully.

We had a typical Friday company BBQ and L sat as shifts of people came to say their goodbyes. Then we had a surprise beer Friday complete with cake and banners and speeches. It was amazing. I love this place.

So, good luck L and congratulations - hope to keep in touch!

15 May 2008

feeling the void

Last week My Heart and I went to our first set of open houses. We are months away from buying but thought we might as well start looking.
I've been online looking at houses today so that we can go to some more open houses this weekend. There's one that's perfect but the neighborhood is questionable. And another that's perfect and in a great neighborhood but is slightly above what we want to pay. What ever will we do? This is going to be difficult and so much fun. Too bad looking only makes me want to have a house NOW!

Today is friend Mrs. Team A E's birthday. YAY! Happy Birthday Mrs. Team A E... see you tonight at the Cozy Inn.

My Heart saw Metallica at a benefit show for the Silverlake Conservatory of Music last night at the Wiltern here in LA and had a blast. I got the gift bag. Thanks honey!
You can totally see him in this video - he's the super tall one on the right hand side of the screen that pops into view every now and again.

12 May 2008

another taste

#5 Build a home with Habitat for Humanity

#20 Learn to knit

#29 See the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live

#3 Be great at yoga

#38 Take some sort of boat trip

11 May 2008

who we've grown up to be

I would say I was a Daddy's Girl growing up. It's not that I particularly chose this role it just happened. My mom was there but kind of in the distance. I feel like both my parents were actually.

I often felt like my sisters were Mommy's Little Girls and it made me sad.

Today I can safely say that I am very close to my mom and that we love each other very much.
She is special. She is unendingly loving. She is super sweet and thoughtful. She is my best friend. The ear and shoulder I turn to in good times and bad. I don't know what I would do without her.

Thank you Mom, for everything you have been to me and for everything you have done for me.
I love you more and more every day and am thankful to have you in my life.

Happy Mother's Day.

10 May 2008

thank you christian

Friend D made me a mix tape and it's awesome.

Hot Mess Tranny Mix
  1. Hot Chip - Sexual Healing
  2. MGMT - Time To Pretend
  3. Tokyo Police Club - In A Cave
  4. The Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)
  5. Cub Country - Could Be The Moon
  6. Hot Chip - Baby Said
  7. Jarvis Cocker - Running The World
  8. Stars - Midnight Coward
  9. Rilo Kiley - Go Ahead
  10. The Knife - Heartbeats
  11. Ratatat - Lex
  12. Numero# - La Vie D'Artiste
  13. Mates Of State - Running Out
  14. The Decemberists - Los Angeles, I'm Yours
  15. Rilo Kiley - With Arms Outstretched
  16. Asobi Seksu - Goodbye

09 May 2008

with eternal love and gratitude

Today I had an amazing experience thanks to Friend G & Aunt M... I went to the chiropractor!!!

I haven't been feeling that great the past year. Aunt M suggested seeing a chiropractor. Friend G suggested seeing Dr. Cari.

I think I'm in the midst of a break through. Dr. Cari is no ordinary chiropractor. She is also a doctor of Holistic Medicine.

When I left her office this morning I felt like I was high. I felt like my body was floating. I felt like I was on good drugs. I think this is the start of something great.

My only problem is that she actually works in Illinois and only comes out here everything month or two. Still, I think she's going to be worth the wait.

08 May 2008

and then i flew a kite

Yesterday I ran into old classmate C. This is odd and it isn't odd.

Odd - C and I only went to school together for one year. I was in the 7th grade and he was in the 9th grade. This was not anywhere near where we both live now yet somehow we have managed to "stay in touch" over the past 18 or so years. We were never particularly close and we still are not.

Not Odd - I've known that C has lived out here the entire time I have and we've met for drinks and we've run into each other before. I've actually seen him at the gym before which is where we ran into each other yesterday.

Twelve year old me had a crush on C. Fifteen year old me grew to disdain C. Eighteen year old me became indifferent, which is where I stand now.

Ok, so there's this thing about C - he always asks about money and how much I'm making. I'm honest but not brutally so. I do very well for myself out here and so does My Heart - that's all anyone needs to know. C has been a struggling actor for years. But as uncomfortable as the money question was/is there's more. He said I looked matronly. Ouch.

I admit I haven't been feeling that well this week and it's been freezing in my office. That combination led to new short & sassy hair in disarray, comfortable clothes (including a VERY grandma-ish sweater), little to no makeup and a an over-all tired look. But matronly!? That's no way to say hi to an old pal. Come on now. I didn't look that bad. Or did I?

The thing is, even if I did look that bad, I honestly don't care. I'm in a really great place in my life and I don't feel the need to impress anyone. Even if C tried to make me feel old and grown up - as he so gently put it, "Life is done with you." I think life is just getting good. Sad that he may never know what that feels like.

Oh, but I did forget to mention that C will be in a Hallmark Channel Original Movie this month!

07 May 2008

je m'appelle me shell

I was originally a Hillary supporter. Now I feel like she's just a ruiner.

Get Out!

You're just making it worse staying in this race. Yes, it's close but it's just not the time. We need to start creating some sort of unity before it's too late. She's tearing us apart.

I've become involved in my first Political Organization. I haven't done much other than sign up for emails but I think they've got a good agenda and I'd like to do more. We are in desperate need of change. Divided We Fail.

I should get started on those French lessons just in case...

06 May 2008

sad but true

I was exploring the Anonymous Photo Project's website again today and found that I was blogged about! You can see for yourself...

I've got to come up with a couple of creative places to drop my LA cameras this weekend (or maybe next). I should have done one or two at Coachella. Oh well. I'll have to find another place where the cool kids hang.

I really want to see Iron Man and Speed Racer this weekend. Each of these looks mindlessly entertaining and I think they could give Transformers a run for its money as my all time favorite in theater action movie experience. I sound like such a nerd! Whatever. I could have sat and watched that movie a second time directly after the first time. I thought it was that great.

I heard that the new Americana at Brand has movie theaters. We can kill two birds with one stone - since I also want to check out the Americana.

I think this is going to be a great summer for movies. The Dark Knight looks awesome and everyone is pumped for Indy 4 (I'm still undecided as I've never really been a fan). There's already a list of movies I still want to catch; Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Baby Mama, The Hammer, Son of Rambow. I love the feeling of spending a hot summer afternoon or evening in a dark cold room with a bunch of strangers all there for the simple task of enjoyment.

I love enjoyment.

Oh, speaking of enjoyment... my puppy is getting his balls chopped off today. Wish him luck!

05 May 2008

reaching quiet

Have you been wondering what I've been working on?

Colorado was good. The Captain had fun.
Bought 2 books, started the first on the plane.
(No one belongs here more than you. Stories by Miranda July)

I'm really disappointed in Old Chicago's new menu. I long for the old days - sometimes.

I dropped cameras #148 & #149.

Bought some shoes on clearance at Target to bum around town in.
I'm hoping the rest of the week shapes up to be better than today.
Happy Cinco de Mayo anyway.

02 May 2008

blanketing me from the cold

Life is crazy.

Last week I found out that an old friend from High School (S) recently lost her mother to cancer. I know that S now lives in So Cal.

When I moved to LA a friend of a friend (H) came out here as well and we were roommates for a brief but exciting period. H moved back home after a few months but is also now living in So Cal again.

Turns out that S & H are now friends with each other.

I contacted Friend E (she originally set me up with H) whom I've known almost my whole life but haven't talked to in years. I did this partially to catch up (I mean, come on now - it was only her sister and me that stood up in her wedding) and partially to find out about S & H.

Right now I'm not in a state where I would be comfortable enough to befriend either S or H again (for completely personal reasons) but you never know what the future can hold. There were 2 very different times in my life when I loved each of them dearly.

Love lost not forgotten. One thing is for sure, it will be really great to catch up with Friend E again.