28 February 2008

fuzzy yellow die

I'm going into my 19th hour at work.
I'm tired.

15 February 2008

long way round

We made it... finally.
I did not have to go in to work today.
I would like to thank my co-workers for their gracious generosity and our clients for sending no additional information in time for me to postpone my departure.
Oh, and I would like to also thank my new blackberry pearl for enabling me to be in touch not only via email but also IM with my new coordinator (and the rest of the company but he's really the only one that matters). It worked out perfectly.
We did however, get lost on the drive here. My fault I think. It was confusing around the Sacramento area and I didn't pay close enough attention to the signs. But of course My Heart and I worked it out and took a scenic route detour through the mountain towns of Northern California all the while maintaining a positive attitude and working as a team.
So, 2 hours later than we should have, we arrived at Idlewood Lakeview.
It's an amazingly beautiful cabin and does not disappoint by calling itself a "Luxury Rental." We also had a group of friends here to greet us with pizza and alcohol.
Already into the vibe of the weekend I'm 2 glasses in and we're gaming away. I love Tahoe.

12 February 2008

i'm trippin'

This weekend I'm going up to Tahoe with some friends. I guess it's kind of turned into an annual trip. Last year there were 8 of us and this year there will be 9.
We've rented this really great cabin on the North side. The majority of us will drive up on Friday while a few will fly in to Reno and have to be picked up. Half will leave on Monday and the other half on Tuesday.
Last year we had a blast. Two days on the slopes, one day exploring our surroundings, lots of games and maybe the most amazing home made steak dinner.
Problem is, I may have to work. UGH!!!
There is just so much going on and my new assistant is good but not that good. I'm annoyed that I can't just take a scheduled day off work like a normal person. I guess that's the price I pay.
Usually it wouldn't bother me but I'm really excited about this trip. I got a new snowboard and bindings and boots during the off season. This will be my first chance to try them out. Not that I'm good at snowboarding AT ALL but at least I try. Plus just being on vacation for 5 days with a big group of friends up in the mountains is so great.
Oh well, even if I do have to work on Friday I'll try to leave as early as possible and still drive up that night. All is not ruined, I just need to keep a positive attitude about it all - besides, My Heart will be with me :-).
Good news is there aren't any HD finishes on schedule... yet.

11 February 2008

baloomped a loomp

Today I had a coke with my lunch. I never drink soda. I haven't even had caffeine in a while due to a self imposed detox (used to drink about 5 cups of yerba mate a day).
It was awful. It was like being high on drugs and just wanting to come down.
Well, I've since come down. Now I feel like crap.
Remind me not to order a soda ever again.

07 February 2008

my nalgene

How much is too much?
I have had about 64 ounces of water today. I think that is maybe slightly more than the recommended amount. But I am still going to drink more.
How much is too much?
I am thirsty and trying to detox after a round of antibiotics (which I HATE taking and so rarely do). I know that water is good for you but too much can kill you.
How much is too much?
Everyone seems to have an opinion about it but no one seems to agree. I think that if I'm thirsty I should drink water. Some agree. Others disagree. Google brings up mostly sights that say don't worry about it - it's rare for people to actually die. I guess I won't worry about it...

04 February 2008

in case you haven't noticed

Dear Blog,
I am sorry for neglecting you.
You are a good friend and don't deserve to be treated like this.
I just want you to know that I really do care for you.
With Love,