26 March 2010

let's save her

Remember: it's not about what country you're from - it's about what planet you're from. Tomorrow at 8:30pm Local Time (wherever you may be) is Earth Hour. Please join me and many others in this campaign for change by turning off all non-essential lights.


25 March 2010

it's good to be regular

Chatroulette is the latest internet sensation. I can't say I quite understand it as it mostly just creeps me out but how awesome would it be if this happened when you logged on!?

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

(thanks for the link My Heart!)

24 March 2010

reigning flowers

When I'm not 100% my best and I just want to crawl back into bed and let the day pass, I know there are 2 things I can pull out of the closet to make me feel better... shoes and a handbag! Recently I've been playing it safe by wearing ballet flats more often than not so I was thinking I might be in the market for a pair of wedge sandals for the impending days of sunshine. I'm also thinking a wonderful flower tote ala the past couple of Valentino Spring collections would be an amazing addition. What do you think?

(click on the image to be taken to the Valentino Spring 2010 accessories page)

Unfortunately all these gorgeous totes are a bit out of my price range. So I'm thinking of a compromise. How about the beautiful petal design in a more budget friendly clutch instead?

(click on the image to be taken to Nine West where you can purchase this clutch)

Funny how my pictures of the big bags are so small and the picture of the little bag is so large!

23 March 2010

not a size 8

I want to wax poetic about this thing or that but right now I just can't. I can tell you that I've got pictures so old and piled up, sitting on my camera waiting to be posted and written about. I've got a folder in my email marked "blog fodder" full of images slowly going out of style. There are movies being viewed and there is music filling the silence. But none of that comes to mind right now. Because the highs wouldn't be so great if there weren't a few lows and I might be falling down.

18 March 2010

bare legs and all

I stopped the meds and today I let the sun in. Work has been busy but for some reason the mornings/lunch time are fairly peaceful. I haven't taken the chance of going out to lunch just in case of a dragon sized problem. But today was different...

I last took a pill on Sunday. Sunday I watched about 15 hours of television only getting out of the house to go pick up tacos and frozen yogurt for dinner. It was an awful waste of a day and was not my intention at all.

Monday I didn't take a pill.

Tuesday I didn't take a pill even after a minor break down at the end of the day.

Wednesday I still didn't take a pill and I got up before work with enough time to eat breakfast, take the dog out, take a very short run and FULLY get ready for work and still arrive at the office by 9:30am. This is the first time in 2 and 1/2 weeks this has happened. I kept pushing my sleep time later and later until I was rising with mere minutes to get ready and out the door and to the office by 10am. And that energy lasted all day.

This morning I am 3 days in without a pill. I made egg whites & turkey bacon for breakfast. I ran for 25 minutes. I shaved my legs before showering and then put on a skirt for work. I was in the office by 9:45 (there was some needed dilly dallying with My Heart that delayed me!). For lunch I walked to get a sandwich and ate it in the sun while reading a book.

Goodbye Winter. I loved you and I will miss you. Welcome Spring! This year I will not see you as impending doom but instead I will give you a hug.


16 March 2010

the here and now

Was jolted awake at 4am this morning by a magnitude 4.4. Haven't been sleeping that well anyway so what's a little ground shaking gonna do. My sleep schedule has gone awry and so have I. I'm lost in this brown dust cloud and all I've got is this little straw to breath through. Not sure when it happened or why. I went to the doctor and got some meds to help try and cope but so far it feels like it's making things worse. I can't fall asleep. Once I fall asleep I don't want to get out of bed. I haven't gotten up for work with the alarm in over 2 weeks. I'm barely making it through the day. And I guess that's why I've been away.

11 March 2010

this battle

I'm being consumed by Dragons (with a capital D). I'm tired but wanted to share what I'm working on so check it out...

You can see the official movie site here.

10 March 2010

sweeping curved for calm

I had this recorded on the DVR for a while but hadn't gotten around to watching it. It seemed interesting but not compelling. A couple of weekends ago after my latest 5K I just wanted to sit on the couch and veg so I decided to finally put this on. I was blown away by how moving Temple Grandin's story is. She is a remarkable woman. If you've never heard of her I suggest reading up or trying to get your hands on some of her interviews. I must say, Claire Danes did an excellent job of portraying her. I think I could watch this movie multiple times just to discover more.

03 March 2010

in this age

I've been out of the dating scene going on 5 years now so I wasn't quite sure if I was just over reacting or if it truly was odd...

She showed up at his place for their first date and handed him a candle saying, "This is the same scent I have in my bedroom." Could be a subtly sexy hint right? That is until she showed up at his place for date number two carrying something along the lines of this:

Now mind you, there was no birthday or holiday involved. And he's not really a movie or candy kind of guy (or candle I hear). So my initial reaction was, "Run! She's absolutely crazy." But then I thought, maybe it was just a really nice gesture and I was out of touch with what was acceptable dating behavior. So I did what any normal person would do, I put the question out there for the facebook world to decide. I got a lot of really great responses. Many echoing my sentiment of crazy but some really thought out and concise ideas such as this one from one of my male cousins:
Did anyone suspect that maybe the girl was hinting that she wanted a candle lit night on the couch eating popcorn and watching movies or something?? i dont find it all that strange...
Who knew he was so sentimental!? My friend D on the other hand said this:
Women with candles have replaced women with cats as the new sad thing.
I think that might be true (even though I love me some candles!). I really enjoyed reading what everyone had to say and although many of you thought it was an odd/crazy gesture not everyone was so quick to assume the worst. Thanks for that!

So a little more back story to all of this...

I do not know this guy or this girl, they are friends of a friend. What I do know, is that she is a recently divorced politician's wife in her late 30s. He is in his late 20s and is in the music industry. They met through her daughter's boyfriend. Let me just repeat that... they met through her DAUGHTER'S BOYFRIEND. Oh, she's also been described as a sexy Latina and I would venture to assume that he's a guy's guy but slightly hipster. In the end, this relationship did not work out - they were looking for two different things but I would have ventured to guess that when she showed up at his house with a candle.