21 August 2009

shananigans abound

So I started getting up early to (gasp) exercise! It's a routine I'm trying to get into, 5 days a week some sort of morning work out. Mondays and Fridays off but I still have to get up early to blog/do personal stuff - so as not to upset my routine! Hopefully this means more juicy bits for all you readers out there!

Quick Recap...
I had a birthday while I was away! Not as spectacular as 30 in Australia but 31 held it's own.

I spent the morning at Burke Williams getting a facial for the first time ever in my life (courtesy of some unfortunate event a year ago - long story!). It was by far one of the most relaxing things one could do. I get a little tense and nervous during massages but facials are awesome! It was a bit pricey though so I'm glad I wasn't actually paying for it.

Came home to find a giant birthday cake and present set up from My Heart waiting for me... got this awesome new computer I'm using right now (and a stuffed hot dog - also a long story!). Oh, and we consumed a bottle of champagne :-) while setting up said computer.

Went and got a new tattoo... photos and story to follow soon.

Met up with some great friends for a few mojitos and tacos at this cute little place on our new side of town called Malo. They have these amazing chips they call chewy... tortilla chips they don't completely fry so they're, well... chewy! Sounds weird but next time you're out here I'll take you there and trust me, you will LOVE 'em!

Invited dinner friends back to the house for more cake and another bottle of champagne (this time courtesty of Dad... a bottle of Dom). Lots of love and laughs shared while we ate and drank in the comfort of our home. Man it feels good to have a home!

It was a perfect day... thanks to everyone!

Oh, and have you had a birthday since joining facebook? Man oh man, it's the best... really makes a girl feel loved <3

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