30 December 2008

with brains mc-something

One of my sisters surprised me with a visit so I've been out of commission for a while.
I'm hoping to post my top ten of 2008 tomorrow so keep on waiting! XOXO

23 December 2008

maybe more on the fringe

Did I mention that I kind of have Alice Cullen hair now? And I didn't even have to get a haircut! Since I try not to bring up twilight to often in front of my co-workers they have named it Josey and the Pussycats hair

22 December 2008

but i was never a contender

I love the theater. It feels so alive and in turn makes me feel alive as if being in the audience really makes me a part of it. It oftentimes brings me to tears I am so moved by it's sincerity. Never is that more so than when I personally know someone performing on the stage.
When I was in the 8th grade a friend was the lead in Annie at the Pikes Peak Center. I saw her in that production at least 2 times and cried through every show. At that time not really understanding what had come over me and a bit embarrassed by it all.
On Friday My Heart and I went to see a friend perform as George Bailey in a local production of It's Wonderful Life. He was fantastic and the performance was heart wrenching. I think it only took all of 3 minutes before the waterworks started. I cried throughout the entire show. Sure it was partially the story and because it was the theater atmosphere in general but mainly it was because Friend J was on the stage and he brought it. Just like Annie all those years ago.

18 December 2008

forget me not forgetful

The puppy bomb went off again (when am I going to learn!?). This time it destroyed my glasses. So I got new ones...

(Ted Baker Sunset)

These are the new ones. My old ones were very similar. They were a darker purple like this but these also have a green color on one side. It's hard to tell because they are so dark but trust me, they are green and purple.

Oh, and remember the last thing the puppy bomb destroyed? Well, I hated the replacements and sent them back. Still looking for the perfect sandal but luckily it's not urgent seeing as how it's winter and all.

17 December 2008

sex scene stand in

Ok, so they were like professional grade actors (one flown in from Toronto) working on this short film of Friend S's. Professional grade actors who do not stand around and do what the DP or AD or Director is telling them to do while they set up the shot. No, professional grade actors have a rehearsal and then the real thing. None of the bullshit of walking through the motions so the lighting and the camera position are just right. No, of course not. That would be the PA's job. My job.
Shot One: I push male stand in onto bed, close door behind me, stumble to bed, climb on top of him... and sit there. I think we did this one about a dozen times.
Shot Two: I am straddling male stand in on the bed... lie down, sit up, lie down, sit up, lie down... sit up... This one lasted maybe 20 minutes or so because the art department had to be called in to dress the set behind us.
Fully clothed. Didn't have to speak or make any sounds. Just went through the basic movements. Male stand in was super nice about the awkward situation but it was still slightly uncomfortable. Like I said, anything for a friend... well, almost anything.

16 December 2008

this sandwich is delicious

Friday night was both My Heart and my work holiday parties. I didn't rock my dream outfit but I was pretty cute regardless! I went with dark jeans, peep toes and a vest number - trust me, it worked. We had fun but not as much as could have had... I ran a 5k on Saturday morning so 2 glasses of champers was my limit. Although, I think My Heart wishes he had set some limits ;-)

The 5k on Saturday was great. I'm becoming a fan of these things. I ran it with Friend R because the rest of Team 5k and Tacos was either pregnant or had a broken foot. I hadn't been training because of a stupid cold (and laziness) but I still managed to finish in about the same amount of time as the last one. Next will be one in March. Oh, and I may do a triathlon with Friend R in August.

So Friend S is shooting this short or was shooting I should say. Sunday was the last day. Let me tell you, it was a full on production! I am so proud of Friend S for pulling this off. She had the idea and made it happen. Good for her! I helped out a little bit on Sunday when I was a P.A. for a day. I got to man craft services, run errands and be a stand in (during the sex scene - awkward!). Anything for a friend.



11 December 2008

swallow this whole

This post is for Friend D because we don't talk enough and he's always posting such insightful comments and because I really am grateful to have him back in my life. Love you D.

I am finally coming out of my intense period of introspection to find that I am basically the same person who went into it. Nothing significant has changed but maybe that wasn't the point. Smaller might actually be bigger. The question of, "what do you do now that you've accomplished your goals (and then some)," not fully answered but just there - staring you in the face so that you have to at least address it. I guess you make new goals is what I've come up with. Once you reach this place in life where you aren't so much growing up but just growing it's harder to think about goals.

Maybe we are naive to think that there has to be more. Maybe less is more. Our fighting to survive isn't about the threat of livelihood. Our fight is more about finding outlets which will define our character, our nature. We have the creature comforts we need on a day to day basis but somehow for us, that is not enough. Others may say we are spoiled for thinking this way and not accepting what we have as sufficient. But I say no, we are not - because each and every day we are thankful for the pieces of our lives. The moment you forget you are owed nothing in this world is the moment you lose everything.

So now I'm going to focus more on the small. I want to fill my life with the pieces of the 100 things on my list; knitting, traveling, French, painting, writing, etc. I want to have fulfillment beyond these four walls - I want to fill in my soul. I think that means getting out of my brain for a while and just feeling. Maybe just being. Kant may have something there...

Reading back on my blog I realize this is a continues cycle, some times great and some times minute but always coming back around. I'm positive it's not over but maybe just at the apsis of my circle of angst. It's nice to know I'm not just floating out there alone what with my inner turmoil!

By the by, I think librarianship has you written all over it. I'm loving it! Wishing you an over-flowing stocking this holiday season XOXO

10 December 2008

with cookies and soy milk

Best Friend G sent me an email yesterday sharing something special that the Xerox company is doing for our troops in Iraq. You can go to this website and pick a post card to write a personal message to those sacrificing for us. Xerox will then print it and deliver it for you. Kind of a neat thing to do this time of year.

(Click on the image to be taken to the website)

09 December 2008

put your fur pants on

As many of you are well aware, I am a crazy pet parent. Yes, I own outfits for my "kids" and we include photos of them dressed up in our holiday cards. We have also gone so far as to give Grandma and Grandpa an ornament featuring their "grandkids" for Christmas. Furry kids are the best. I think My Heart would appreciate this then:

Ok, so it's not real. It's just a box you can buy from the Onion. It's supposed to be funny - so laugh. My Heart will totally think I was the nutty pet mom who went all out for the dog this year!

08 December 2008

jodi's got nothing but mustard

There's this show we're doing some work on and being intrigued by what I was seeing I went ahead and I watched the 11 episodes we have available to us right now just to see what it was like. I thought I might like it because it has the word teenage in the title and I love anything teenage.

It's hard to explain exactly what it was like. A little preachy. A little racy. A little over the top. A little boring (but I still watched everything I could get my hands on). Early adolescence colliding with adulthood. It's scary and cheesy. A young girl finds herself pregnant after her first sexual experience with the drummer from the school band who's now sleeping with school slut but trying to hook up with the school crazy Christian who's football player boyfriend slept with the school slut after his girlfriend started wearing a promise ring but not to worry because one of the nice guys loves the pregnant girl and wants to marry her. Huh? Exactly.

The best thing about the show is the Sausage King. This rich, widowed, jolly father of the boy who loves the pregnant girl. He seems to always have this keen wisdom on every situation whether it involves said teenagers or their parents. My favorite thing out of the Sausage King's mouth so far, "Just live with it." So profound yet so simple. Thank you Sausage King, you are right yet again.

Think about it people...

05 December 2008

super anti whatever

I was lying (laying?) in bed last night, not able to sleep, when I came up with how I was going to break the silence and finally write something new. Sitting at the computer today I'm drawing a blank. I think it had something to do with the pressure of coming back after a hiatus but I'm not sure exactly.

I haven't known what to write about so I haven't forced it. Also, once you're gone so long there is this looming anxiety of coming back. Do you just jump back in it? How? Do you apologize? Why really - isn't blogging more about personal gratification than pleasing others? Sure it's nice to entertain what readers I may have and I do want people to keep coming back for more. In all reality, I am missing this part of me so I figured I should just come back and find it again. So here I am.

On the phone with Mom yesterday I didn't have much to say even though we hadn't talked for a while. I told her I was boring. I no longer want to be boring! It's going to take a little time for that to change so bare with me here. I promise I'll be back sooner rather than later and a lot less boring.