10 June 2009

the ties that bind

In-laws* arrived yesterday. I'm sure when I say that some people just cringe at the thought. Where did that stigma come from? My thinking is, they basically created the person you are in love with so why would you not naturally love them too!? But I guess in reality there are a lot of different factors in creating who someone is and they shouldn't necessarily be judged by their parents.

With that said, I absolutely love my in-laws. They are wonderful, normal, fun and caring people. I love being at their house as it's so inviting and home-like even from the moment you step through the front door. It's just comfortable and they are comfortable. My Heart's Dad has the best sense of humor and My Heart's Mom has so many of the same interests as me. What's not to love!?

This is the first time they are visiting us as a pair and in our new home. There's a little pressure to make sure they are comfortable but only from myself. So far so good I think (it's only been one night and I've spent the day at work while they've entertained themselves!). Tonight we'll all head to the Dodger game as a family. I'm looking forward to it.

*We may not be married but with a ring on the finger, a mortgage to pay and four years behind us I think it's safe to call them my in-laws!

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Matilda said...

It's nice that you can say you love your in-laws... I love my in-laws too. They are so cute! Enjoy your time! Photos, photos, photos... oh, and don't forget to take photos.
Sending love across the ocean.