28 January 2009

strike up the confetti

This is the last of the 40...

#9 Create a personal web site

#21 Learn to Lindy Hop

#28 See the Aurora Borealis

#30 See the top of Mt. Kilamanjaro

#34 Surf

#36 Take culinary art classes

27 January 2009

hope for the flowers

It was partially a really good thing to do and partially a really good way to get out of work! I came in for a couple of hours just to let everyone know I was going to be out. I left a little early just to be sure I was on time. Driving, worrying. Not sure why I was doing this or what it was going to entail exactly. Relieved that I was able to reach back when a friend was reaching out in need. Can I call him a friend? That's weird to say actually. He's been in my life for almost a decade. Helping figure my shit out. Supporting. Joking. Fixing. Flattering. Being there was one of my favorite places in the world. To find out he was gone from his space and in a hospital bed instead, broke that world. The distance of time felt like too much to span. But he had made me feel so loved and I wanted to make him feel the same. Such a different experience this time around. Getting to be a part of it. Witness. Support. Friend. Help. So I arrived with plenty of time and found my way to the room. I filled out the forms and chewed the calcium they asked me to. I was frightened but just kept thinking how much easier I had it than he did. And in the end it wasn't that bad. It was a perfect day of new beginnings and I was hoping to be a part of yours.

One of my favorite people in this not-always-so-friendly business is Stuart Bartell*. He's the glue that holds together a post house I used to go to all the time called SSI. Well, 3 or so weeks ago he was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. He's not the first friend I've known whose had to deal with this demon we call cancer but he was the first to reach out and let us all be a part of it. This man has been beyond good to me in the years I have known him so the least I could do was answer the call when he needed platelets donated. News has been mixed but he's fighting and we're all in his corner. And I'm glad that I have been a part of his life and his fight for his life.

*I never use real names but I figured if I put this out in the universe the more people thinking positive thoughts for him the better.

26 January 2009

like moss on brick

Starting tonight My Heart and I no longer watch TV on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday nights. We found that TV was making us lazy in life and in love. I know by nature we are both easily sucked into the mindless entertainment of television. It's so easy to come home every night after a long day's work and just sit and "relax" in front of the box. We don't talk about shows or further explore topics we find interesting on the TV even though we both enjoy educational fare. It's sad really, how much time we find lost to this past time. So starting today we are taking a stand in order to save ourselves from this shallow existence. 3 days a week with absolutely no TV. We used to do no TV Tuesdays and Thursdays but forgot about it along the way. And before that we had dinner date night on Wednesdays with no TV watching allowed but that too went by the wayside. I hope this one sticks. We need to make this one stick. Life is too short to worry about what episodes you missed (and there are DVRs these days anyway). Maybe now I'll finally start tackling that to do list I've been writing about. Knitting party anyone?

16 January 2009

the days when this was fun

Have you ever had a Michelada? Mmm, good summer weather long walk in Hollywood drink.

Was going to go to the Thai place up the street for lunch today, just me and my book, but when I got there they had a giant C on their window. For those of you not familiar with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health ratings let me just tell you a C is not good. When visiting, stick to the A's unless you absolutely have to go to a B but under no circumstance should you venture in to a C. Trust me, those stomach gurgles will turn into worse.

So I just kept walking. Wandering. Wondering. Called My Heart. No Answer. Phone Rings. My Heart. That's where the Michelada comes in. Joined him and some of the old crew at one of their local hang outs which was a lot closer to walk to than I thought. I guess I can't always complain about the perfectly sunny weather here because it was a beautiful day for such a walk and Hollywood is really becoming a more interesting and less scary place to use the old chevro-legs (my sister shared that awesome term with me and i thought it so clever i needed to instert it into this blog).

So this weekend is off to a slight buzz of a start.
Tomorrow I get the old hair did.
Then we meet with our new realtor to go look at houses!
That means you all better start planning your trips to LA because soon you'll have a place to stay.
Then Sunday is Friend R's birthday party.
So much fun packed into 3 days.
I better go get it started

15 January 2009

from the master himself

I heart heart heart Christian Louboutin - I mean, what's not to love?

And his Spring collection doesn't disappoint. Here are some of my absolute faves:

Wouldn't mind any one of those doing the carrying!

14 January 2009

consumed by earth & co.

Here we are the 14th of January and it's 80+ degrees outside.
Friends are having babies. Co-workers are having babies.
My Heart and I are looking for a new home of our very own.
Things are moving along but never changing and yet we are all looking for change.
At least I think that's what we're looking for. At least we're looking... right?
Less than a week until that big one we've all been holding our breath for.
But will we even be able to notice the difference?
Always the same, never the same thing twice.
Getting up at 6 in the morning because change needs to start from within.
Make the changes in yourself that you want to see in others?
How exactly does that work if you can't apply it - an apple to an apple?
But my apple is a cup of sand.
So I get in my ball and I roll around the living room and then I go back into my cage.
The wheel or the water, the choice is mine. So I poop on the floor.

On an unrelated note...
Thanks to to i *heart* you I submitted mine - can you guess which one it is?

13 January 2009

the first bite of rancid

My company has started a blog of their own for all of us creative folks to share ideas with one another and make the environment even that much more creative or whatever. I'm trying to come up with new and exciting posts for both of these blogs now so my creativity is strapped.
Friend C (who is also now a co-worker) shared this with me and as inspiring as I thought it might be for the work force neither one of us has the balls to post it so I'm sharing it here instead:

Get It On :30

08 January 2009

after the sun you open the umberella

I know it should be
but no, Tomorrow.
I promise.
Tomorrow I start this:

The Republic of Tea has an amazing line of be well red teas that I'm excited to start "using" ;-)
This stuff's gonna become my drug of choice. I already drink Yerba Mate like it's going out of style so I'll just substitute it with one of these that may suit my needs for the day.

I will also wake up tomorrow morning and work out BEFORE going to work... that way there are no excuses from now on.

I usually hate the whole resolutions and starting anew thing about the new year but I'm going to embrace it because I think 2009 is going to be different.

06 January 2009

in between now and ice

Last winter every cold night when My Heart and I climbed into bed he would say something about how freezing the bed was and that we really needed to get some winter sheets. And though I agreed with him I never did anything to change it. I kind of always found winter sheets to be tacky cabin looking flannel. I like what we have on the bed now even if it is like climbing into a block of ice. Well, freeze no more my friends! Thanks to Petunia Face we will soon have a sweet ass TaunTaun of our own to sleep in.
I ordered the pear colored microfiber fleece sheet set from The Company Store and it looks amazing! I can't wait to slip between these teddy bear sheets and cuddle off into dream land. And don't think I'm going to keep that popsicle of a comforter cover to accompany these new sheets. Instead I'm going with the Stanton Stripe flannel cover to not only keep us warm but to coordinate nicely with the pear color of our new sheets and the existing colors of our bedroom.
Get ready honey - no more sweatshirts and long pants to bed!

05 January 2009


Alright, let's get to it kids! 2009 is upon us and I am ready to get back on track. So I've been thinking about some of this for a couple of weeks now and I know we're done looking back but I'm still gonna go there.


Why I heart 2008:
  1. My introduction to the fine music of Sigur Ros
  2. P.E. Obama
  3. All things twilight
  4. Blogging for an entire year
  5. Captain Little Bear coming into our lives
  6. My Heart's amazing Christmas gifts
  7. Turning 30 in the land down under
  8. My new Kate Spade bag
  9. The new connection I've made with my girlfriends
  10. Aspect Ratio

Why I think I'm going to heart 2009:
  1. A new house on the horizon
  2. President Obama
  3. Baby AE
  4. The next Harry Potter film
  5. Aspect Ratio
  6. Continued expansion of the green revolution
  7. Donna Karan's Spring 2009 ready-to-wear collection, especially the jumpsuit
  8. My girls!
  9. Planning a trip maybe to Paris or NYC
  10. The Great Urban Race (GO TEAM BEAR ATTACK!)