09 June 2009

ill communication

This goes out to all of you in the knuckle bump gang - you know who you are...

Now, I've tried to be nice and I'm gonna continue to try to be nice but don't think I don't know. I'm no naive young girl and I will not get fucked by any of you. I'm looking out for number one.

As you can tell blogland, life has been a roller coaster. Which can be a scary ride but always fun as hell in the end. Things were all settling down from the big move and then some shit got turned upside down.

Thursday we had some layoffs.

Friday we had people over to drink and watch the fireworks from Dodger stadium. It was great and I drank so much that most of Saturday was a wash.

Saturday night ended up meeting some out of town friends in for a visit at Gingergrass for dinner. And then headed to the Red Lion to have a sausage & beer dessert!

Sunday was wine tasting with Friend C thanks to Terry Dadd, financial advisor extradionaire, at San Anonio Winery in downtown LA.

And Monday was the premiere of Oh Baby, I Love You! the short film Friend S has been working so hard to get out into the world. Check out the website for the trailer cut by My Heart :-)

As we settle into the week, Tuesday brings a visit from the in-laws. I'm actually really looking forward to this time we're about to spend with them.

Who knows what the future holds at this point but I'm looking optimistically at what is about to become...

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Minn said...

Only the greatest Beastie's music video ever made.