13 June 2008

the jury is in

So I didn't find my perfect dress and I'm not going with the red accessories.
Instead I will do a simple black number with these new kicks...

(Thank you Daniel for the BCBG tip!)

At least I have something special to wear to my first Key Art Awards. It's really just nice to finally be going. I hear it can get boring but after being snubbed for 8 years by one company, it's nice to be invited after only 8 months with my new company. Wish us luck!


Matilda said...

LOVE the shoes! You are going to look gorgeous! Take photos!
Good Luck at the Key Art Awards!
Sending love across the ocean.

nicknkaz said...

Hi WOW GREAT SHOES!!! Have agreat time..Don't drink too much fizzy can make you Dizzy! LOl Chat soon kaz

the girL said...

Thanks guys!!! My Heart loved the shoes too - said they were sexy. That was enough for me. Didn't win any Key Arts but had a great time.