20 May 2009

god bless friendspacebook

I mean, sometimes time CAN heal all wounds and then you don't even remember where that scar came from. Even when someone points it out to you and says, "remember when we were kids and I was pulling you on roller skates behind my bike and you fell down, skinning your knee and got this scar?" Even then you don't remember that actually happening. But if it did, in hindsight, it sure is funny. I mean, what did you think was going to happen if she pulled you behind her bike while you were roller skating? Ok, bad example because I was actually the one riding the bike (sorry LLF E).

Today I got a friend request on that site we all love to hate. I was surprised at first but even more surprised by the personal message attached to it. It was sweet and when I tried to own up to what nasties I'm sure I was guilty of, she excused me of ever having any. Even sweeter.

I've gone through a plethora of best friends in my lifetime thus far. Each with their own time and their own purpose. This one was one of the many close relationships that somehow has been lost. I don't remember why or how but it was just gone. We had nicknames and inside jokes. We even vacationed with each other's families. For our short time, it was like being sisters. I loved her and I'm pretty sure she loved me.

So there is nothing but happiness to find her taking this step back into my life again. I know there is a scar there but I can't even remember the fall so who cares how it happened? Life happens in mysterious ways. But I am so grateful that it happens at all.