24 June 2010

get it off of me

I have been trying to stay far away from any of the oil spill news. It makes me so angry and so terribly sad that I just cry. This was on twitter this morning... people don't even realize it's oil they're letting their children play in.

14 June 2010

the tiniest of tinies

Isn't this a gorgeous photo? It's my maternal grandparents (on the left). They were so young with so much life ahead of them!

Right now my sweet grandpa is in the hospital with pancreatitis. They need to operate but are unable to as of yet. Sometimes I hate when life happens.

04 June 2010

off to a roaring start

Ugh, spinning class is hard! A co-worker invited me to try out this class at a new gym that opened up near our houses. The class was free, I was going to have familiar company and I hadn't worked out in a while so I agreed to go. I was nervous & excited last night so I had a hard time falling asleep. And of course I needed to be up by 6am in order to eat, get ready and be there on time.

Then this happened...

(My photos were also published on The Eastsider LA!)

I was awoken around 1am by the panic of the dog, the shine of the helicopter search light and the sirens. I didn't think anything of it at first but the fire engines just kept coming, that's when I got out of bed to see if I could tell what all the fuss was about. Sure enough, the hillside behind our house was on fire. It wasn't close enough to threaten our house and no other homes were damaged. It was out by 2am but still not sure what started the darn thing.

Even with the roar of the helicopters I managed to get some sleep and make it to my first ever spin class this morning. So glad I did, although my butt may not agree with that statement!