04 June 2009

fly away with me

I purchased this lovely piece of art from a little shop on Etsy yesterday called beepart

Since we're going with a yellow accent theme in the office now (I think...), this will go above my desk for a little pop. I LOVE it! What do you think?

I forgot to mention that the lovies over at Cupcakes Take The Cake shared this treasure with me yesterday!


Minn said...

How appropriate! Great colors, nice design. It would actually look good in either the red or yellow room. Whichever you decide on. (Yellow)

P.S. My word verification is poodero.

Matilda said...

Everytime I see cupcakes I think of you! I bought some red,white & blue sprinkles at the Food & Wine Show yesterday... for my 4th of July cupcakes that I will make!

Love the art!

Sending love across the ocean.

Summer said...

Love it. And love cupcakes.