22 August 2009

land of the lost

Last night was another Friday night like any other... the Dodgers had a home game so after the game they had fireworks which then led to the people in surrounding neighborhoods lighting some off as well. Except for this time, Friday night ended up a little bit differently...

We heard the neighborhood fireworks so loud and clear that My Heart thought it a good idea to go check the clearing... the place where the kids like to come drink, tag the street, make out and light fireworks. It's only a few houses down from ours. Apparently the neighbors had the same idea so My Heart just came back inside and we started to get ready for bed. When he took the dog out he could smell the smoke and it smelled of campfire in our bathroom. It was about this time the sirens and helicopters started. My Heart went outside first...

I could feel something wasn't right and when My Heart didn't come right back I followed. It was so overwhelming and emotional for me. I watched the hillside burn as the fire department steadily but diligently worked away at it. We were out there for what seemed like mere minutes but now looking back, was at least an hour. It was unsettling and scary but our neighbors were all calm and welcomed us to the neighborhood. My mind was eased when the first of the helicopters dropped water on the hillside and really made a dent in the raging fire. We left before it was completely out but with little worry that anything major would come of this.

This is what we found today at the clearing. The charred area a lot smaller than what I thought was burning last night. Seeing all the garbage and destroyed land on MY HILL made my heart heavy... why do people do this? They have little or no regard for the land or those who live on it. Today I'm a little bit sad for what was lost in the fire.

(Check out my facebook page for more photos of the fire and it's aftermath)

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