06 November 2009

miss me much

Today I'm back!

Mostly out of boredom as I wait for the official head nod that says my work here is done. Somewhat because I was feeling a bit creative and stifled of that creativity what with all the work I've been doing.

So... hello there.

I just started this post on a whim with nothing exciting to come back with and now where do I go with it? So much to catch up on. So little to say. I think that was my problem in the first place!


Well, the past couple of months have been great and they have been busy...
We went on vacation with some of our bestest friends and it was beyond amazing. I have photos so I'll have to post more on that later.
We threw a huge Halloween party. Also a few photos so another post later.
And we lived life. It had it's ups and now I'm going through a few downs but it's life and ain't life grand!?
Next week is a big one for us so that'll be another fun post... 3 new posts for you to anxiously await already and I've only been back for 3 minutes!

Ok, so I will leave you with this... what good movies have you seen lately? And, have you seen Where The Wild Things Are? What did you think? My opinion on a later post (#4!!!)...