28 March 2008

hiding our tracks

Just do it. Forget the skeptics that say it won't make a difference. We have to start fighting for a difference. This is just one of the first steps in that fight. And really, how hard is it? Just do it.
Earth Hour

27 March 2008

sour stomach

I've been trying to do something new and exciting on my blog. It's not working. Doesn't help that I don't know HTML code. Oh well. I guess you'll just have to deal with it. I put up some pictures to keep you entertained though. Yer welcome.

I don't feel so good so I'm going to call it a day.

(Why yes, I did take these intriguing photographs myself)

26 March 2008

hidden love

I'm not "allowed" to buy shoes online because they never fit.
Today I got this response from HidenSeek in regards to my purchase on Etsy:

Sent by HidenSeek on March 26, 2008:

Hi there my lovely Michele! :)

Thank you so much for your order and your kind comments sweety!

♥ --------- ♥ You love bears and Mr Bear loves you! ♥ --------- ♥ :D

I'll start preparing your goodies and ship them to you asap !!
They can't wait to come to you :))
I hope you had a wonderful Easter break!!

Let's play again sometime :)

Take care and all the best,

Hidden Eloise

My comments to her when purchasing this lovely piece of art were something along the lines of...

"I LOVE Bears and the little girl looks like she could be me! I love this piece."

More than bears, I love kind people. So thank you Hidden Eloise for your sweet words and kind spirit. I hope to someday support your wonderful art again. I also encourage you, my friends, to go to Etsy and look at her work - maybe you'll find something that speaks to you too.
I'm pretty sure this shoe is going to fit me perfectly.

25 March 2008

sleeping dogs

I go home almost every day and walk the dog at lunch. Sometimes it's the simple things that are the best part of your day.
Today I not only went home at lunch, walked the dog and ate spaghetti but I also watched an episode of Gossip Girl.
I've also been randomly out searching the world of blogs and found this great one called Sarah's Fab Day in which I found a link to a piece of children's art that I loved. I bought a print of it on Etsy to put up in my office. It's called "Mom, this is the friend I told you about" and the description by the UK artist HidenSeek says, ...I met him in the forest...
My tea mug went missing in the office (I left it in the kitchen) only to find that one of the kind men that works here had washed it for me. He proceeded then to teach me to say, donde esta mi taza?
I have an alone meeting tonight.
Someone I am in constant contact with clears their throat too much.
The weather is really starting to warm up.
Sometimes it's the little things that really get to you.

24 March 2008

the window is open

I have finally updated my .mac page with some new photos. I try to do it every month or so but fell really behind this past year.
So now there are some new albums up - even though they're mostly from the holidays and are not actually new. But nobody has really seen them so they are new in that regard.
I had to finally do something about that site because everyone wants to see MORE pictures of the new puppy.
So if you didn't get the email announcing the update let me know and I'll send you the info.
I wouldn't want to deprive anyone of puppy pictures.

19 March 2008

flying fox hounds

I'm trying to cut back on my meat consumption. I've found that I don't like certain things as much as I used to but also I just love animals so much.
Most times it's fairly easy but sometimes it's not.
Why do those cows and pigs have to be so damn tasty!?

18 March 2008

one day a man bought a house

If you haven't yet seen it you should.

One Day a Man Bought a House
Love works in mysterious ways.

Short movie by Pjotr Sapegin.

17 March 2008

into the deep shallow sunlight

It's nice to feel like there's someone out there reading my odd little blog about nothing.
I came in today to find newly posted comments from anonymous.
Thank you anonymous but who are you?
It's hard to pin point the writing style to determine whether it's one person or a couple.
I would love to know who it is but then again I like the mystery of it.
I can imagine it being some sweet member of my family just being funny.
I can imagine it being an old friend just being kind.
Or, it could actually be a stranger... interested, offended, intrigued by my rants on surviving.
Whoever you are, thanks again for the little gem you've left me.

14 March 2008

my kindergarten teacher

is there anybody out there?
does anybody care?

10 March 2008

the addition

Meet Captain Little Bear...

Friends of ours found this little guy wandering the streets. After no luck finding his owners and not being able to have pets at their apartment he ended up in our home.
He's ridiculously sweet and already seems to be pretty well trained.
We've wanted a dog forever but hadn't been able to make the commitment. This time it just feels like it is meant to be. So let's welcome The Captain home!

06 March 2008

behind the bus on barham

And really... did she need to flip me off?
I slowed down to let her and her shiny red convertible in even though I didn't have to and she was the one driving like a jerk.
Stupid blond hair and french manicured nails.
Sometimes I hate LA.

melrose and western

I really hate that people talk on their cell phones and drive.
It's one thing to have a head set on it's another to stop in the middle of the road to write something down while you're holding the phone up to your ear.

05 March 2008

billy ray berling & the mullets

My Heart cut his beautiful long hair into a mullet.
Sure it was only a joke and only for a day.
But ugh, it was not attractive.
Mullets are ugly.
Now he's got a wonderfully soft shaved head.
Mmmm, now that's nice.

03 March 2008

pulling together the truth

I don't know what to write about anymore.
Things are good. Not great but good.
I just finished a week filled with lots of work. It wasn't too bad and I'll be paid for my overtime which is nice.
Now I need to focus on getting back into the gym and eating on a healthy schedule again.
We're also going this weekend to see a financial planner in order to get our finances ready to buy our first home.
So things are good. My Heart said he's kind of bored and wished to do more in life.
I guess I feel that sentiment too but I'm more concerned with getting our current house cleaned and organized. I still haven't quite accomplished that goal to the best of my abilities. There's just so much to do. Ugh!
Sometimes do you feel like you really hit it off with people only to feel like you've been bamboozled? I do and it sucks. It also kind of pisses me off. Nothing I can do about it but live my own life and do the best I can.
I need to get a bank account closed. Reminds me to call my dad.
I finished reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. I loved it. I've just started In Cold Blood. I still haven't picked up the Biology book. I guess I'm not one for setting and reaching goals.
Sent my twin sisters birthday presents and got a nice thank you card from one of them. I should email her back.
I need to start carrying around this little silver book I have again so I can write things down when I think of them.
Now I'm just rambling.
Nothing better to do.
Am I boring you?