12 August 2009

howl at the moon

My dear friend Jane has up and left this desert some of us call home. A place full of love hate relationships. Of excitement. Of comfort. Of loneliness. Of want. Sometimes it grows on you and sometimes you can't get it's stickiness off your skin. But Jane, she got away. It's funny, because coming here, seems like such a risk... an adventure. But staying here, that's the easy part. Change, it's what we're hiding from. In the mean time, I'm making this land of broken dreams my home and turning in for the night. Good luck to you Jane as you venture to your new home. And if any of my old friends or family run into her, send her my love. By the way, she's an amazing photographer and just sent this message out to us...

Dear Friends.

As most of you know by now, my life has taken a few unexpected turns, as life does. Five weeks ago I relocated to Boulder, Colorado where I plan to continue my work as a photographer, a photojournalist, an artist. Since arriving I have been working to find work and broaden my client base, and thought if all my friends could pass this along to all their friends, we might reach a couple people in Colorado in need of a photographer for hire.

As a professional photographer, I have worked in editorial, portrait, product, fine art and wedding photography for over the past five years.

I strive to candidly capture the story in front of me by combining human creativity, expression and beauty, from the simple routines of life to the extraordinary events. I am inherently drawn to capturing the interplay of light, color, and shadow found in nature, revealing a provocative, poignant and memorable story.

As a photojournalist, an artist and a professional photographer, it is my main goal to capture the true essence of you and your loved one’s within your comfort zone. Thank you for visiting my website and considering that I capture your next simple routine or extraordinary event. Please feel free to contact me any time for scheduling, pricing or list of services.

Thank you!



v8grrl said...

hey ...I live in Boulder!!!


the girL said...

well, if you ever need a photographer then look up Jane! She's amazing :-)