30 October 2007

down to the knitty gritty

It’s been almost a year since I left my job, no actually, my career behind for a fresh start.
Looking to explore my creative side, to be free from the confines of the day-to-day grind, I vowed to take at least 6 months to myself. Something I had never really experienced working steadily since I was 15.
Those dreams of voice over classes, days filled with knitting, photography and tai chi never realized because instead I was too busy taking care of dogs and sick people. I can’t seem to slow down.
Now I’m back, back in my old finishing shoes… but should I be?
I vowed to keep perspective on life and make time for things I enjoy that I may have been neglecting in the past. But one month later and I feel like I’m in that same rut as before – life is too busy for the little things when you’ve got a 9 to 5 and when I say 9 to 5 I mean 9 to at least 7 or whenever the work is actually done which can often go late into the night.
I do love that I am respected in my profession for the way I do the job that I do. I do love that I am good at something that not everyone can be good at. And I do love seeing that paycheck every week.
Maybe My Heart is right, we just need to set some goals to help us get back on track.
GOAL #1 – Clean our home so that it feels like home again and have a healthy, fresh start (I know, responsible and boring of me but it's in my genes - blame my mother).

28 October 2007

the horror, the horror

It hit. Oh boy, did it hit. This is one of the top 3 sicknesses EVER in my life. That's all you really want to know about it - trust me. Now back to bed I go.

26 October 2007

a step in the right direction

I don't want to leave my new blog stagnant for too long. This morning I started to write a new entry. An entry about being sick. It sucked. I deleted it.
Now I'm back and I'm going to write about being sick and I don't care if it sucks.
Here it goes...
For weeks I could feel the onset of a cold waiting to bust in and interrupt my life. Last night I finally thought it had done so but now I can't tell. I kind of feel sick but I also feel like going to my friend's blue themed 30th birthday party. That area of limbo where you know you should just rest so it doesn't get worse. That area where you don't feel bad enough to miss out on a blue party. Ugh, the dilemma. To throw another banana in the monkey cage, My Heart is sick - REALLY sick. So he's not going to the blue party. Yet another reason to stay home. Why does this color have such a hold on me?
I'm sure my next post will tell you all about the blue party and maybe even the Halloween party we're supposed to go to tomorrow night...

24 October 2007

and so it begins...

Ok, this sounds stupid just thinking it and will be even stupider once I actually write it... I have butterflies right now. From writing a blog. I've thought about writing a blog of my own but figured I wasn't the type. Putting yourself out there for anyone to see, to judge? No thank you, I'd rather keep to myself - I'd rather be safe.
Lately, I've been consumed by other's blogs. Family, friends, even a stranger… especially a stranger. Everyday clicking through those bookmarks to see what's new. Thrilled to soak in the simple details of people living life. Oftentimes going back to re-read - to experience that feeling again. Disappointed when there is nothing but sure if I check back later there will be a fix.
I figured the next step in my addiction would be to try it for myself. So here I am. Not quite sure what to do now that I'm here. Maybe I'll think of something? Maybe I'll drop the idea all together and go back to the silent participation? Besides, who is going to even read this? I guess that's where the butterflies come in. Scared that it will be actual people, terrified that it will be only cats.