18 June 2009

blush one size too small

Man have I been a suck hole of good times this week. I just can't shake it. Tried the Aunt M 3 day method and it was working for a while but then I just slipped back down. Today it was definitely the change thing that got me. I'm gonna learn to be okay with it because I still get a paycheck every week but it's not going to be easy.

Last night I had a great dinner that helped to bring my smile back for a bit... onion rings, sliders and mac & cheese (so naughty but so yummy). Tonight My Heart is working late so I'll go run a quick errand or two, do some laundry to get ready for the weekend and then just enjoy the quiet for a moment or two.

By the way, we're going to Vegas again this weekend. I'm most looking forward to the drive out there - is that strange? It's just the thought of hours full of peaceful music filled time with My Heart. Then he'll abandon me for a poker tourney and I'll go chill with his family.

Oh, one last thing... saw this in the window of J. Crew at the Grove last night and fell in love. Might actually plan a wedding based solely on this dress (problem is, don't think My Heart will like the dress actually). Friend S thinks we should have an outing to at least go try it on. What's the harm right?


Matilda said...

It's beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't I like the dress, it's great!