30 April 2009

my dystopian allegory

Man oh man oh man... these poor pigs are really gettin' a bad rap with all this swine flu going around. I feel bad for them so I'm gonna try and do my part to spread the word on how great pigs really are!

They are pretty social and very intelligent animals. Their popularity as house pets has been on the rise. the cherry blog posted those super cute pictures of the baby pigs the other day but then K @ Blog Goggles commented with a link to the most amazing pig video I have ever seen. If this doesn't make you want a little pig of your very own then I'm afraid you may have no heart. Enjoy...

Kingsford Goes to the Beach - video powered by Metacafe

29 April 2009

lucky number seven

We are working on some pretty cool shit at work these days. And when I say we, I mean my company because all I've got is Confessions of a Shopaholic (not that it's not pretty cool but - been there & done that). However, this is NOT one of the projects we are currently working on but it IS a real movie. Too bad it got buried with no theatrical release. You can find it on Netflix though. It's in my queue...

28 April 2009

if you give the world a coke

Check out this combo of Google Maps & Wikipedia. It's pretty fun especially since I'm living in a new neighborhood now!


27 April 2009

the vacancy cleaning

Super weird that my subject line on Friday was from the Golden Girls theme song and then this tragedy struck on Saturday. Maybe I was sensing something.

After taking the last of our stuff (except for the condiments) My Heart went and said his goodbyes to our dear Friend E (aka our landlord, aka Grandma E). Somehow they got to talking about how our apartment felt haunted and some of the weird shit that has gone down there. Apparently, a woman had committed suicide in Grandma E's apartment before she moved in. Her then young sons had reported seeing this woman in their home and so they became friends with her. Grandma E told My Heart of many other-worldly visitors she had encounter in her apartment over the years.

None of our experiences with said spirits were negative but they also never showed themselves to us (at least none of the humans - the cats seemed to enjoy them). I felt them more before My Heart moved in with me but it could have also been all in my mind since I was all alone in that big old apartment. Our new house is probably too new to have any of that kind of excitement attached to it. Although, the previous owner's wife died shortly after they bought the house together...

Don't know where I'm going with this, just thought I'd share. I did hit my head pretty hard on Saturday and haven't been right since.

One another note, the cherry blog has me wanting a pet pig!

24 April 2009

travelled down the road and back again

Tomorrow the movers come. Tonight I say goodbye.

I remember when we sold the house on Bula, how my Mom and I cried as we cleaned it's empty rooms for the very last time. It was like saying goodbye to an old family friend. Someone who put their arm around you in comfort every day for many years.

And now I must say goodbye to my sometimes beloved apartment. I have lived within it's comforting and suffocating walls for so long I'm almost afraid to know what it will feel like on the outside. Tonight I pour a glass of wine and toast to the new life ahead while shedding maybe a tear or two to the old life I leave behind.

Thanks for taking care of me all those years. You were a good friend. And I will miss you.

23 April 2009

the love below

One of my sisters recently posted a couple of new photos on her rarely updated blog and I was envious of whatever she started shooting with. Turns out it's the Nikon D80 - the same camera My Heart got me for my 30th birthday!
So now I'm reinvigorated to start using my camera again. I've noticed how much more attractive my blog looks when there are images up so I want to try and make an effort to get some more of my own photos up here. Especially after seeing how crappy my blackberry photo of the cats in the crate looks next to these.
Another source of inspiration is the Fuji Instax camera that's been floating around our office this week. The mini polaroid looking photos are super fun and coming from the people here look pretty artsy. I'm thinking of getting one or maybe even an actual polaroid camera. What do you think?

21 April 2009

grounded floor plan #2

It's time for a change my dear friends and so it is that today, I am no longer surviving bLogohoLicism. I am a survivor. I am a bLogohoLic. And I am proud. I wanted to go a little bit broader with my name and actually narrow it down a bit at the same time. The title of this blog implies that I am blogging about blogging or blogs or something like that I guess. And although I do an occasional shout out to one of the many blogs I read that's not what this is about. Like most blogs, this is about me, the writer. So I'm changing it up. Today marks the day of the new, which is really the old.

Some of you may be curious as to the new name I have chosen but most of you will understand. In an ode to Gaggi and Burkin and the year I stood up to create my own identity I am going with who I know myself as now. This person that, at the age of 8, stood up and said, "I no longer want to be one of the many double L's!" Craving unique and indivuduality, it is only one L.

20 April 2009

the sparkle of blue and silver faded

Ten years ago today...
I was sitting in some lecture in Columbine. A building on the campus of UCCS. Word spread like wild fire and confusion among names began. Once the clouds cleared the horrific picture revealed something even worse than we had imagined. Sadly, today it feels all too normal but ten years ago today it was different.

Please read Friend T's account on his blog, Still Playing With Toys.

hoot and holla back

I hope you all know that this Wednesday is Earth Day. And if you didn't before, you do now. This is also, according to Kenneth Cole, Volunteer Week. So let's do something good for ourselves and others this week!

Tia over at cLever girL goes bLog has a giveaway going on. She's got a super cute necklace from Polarity's shop on Etsy. It's made from pieces of cars! How's that for green?

I picked this necklace set as my favorite because I am in love with cephalopods:

But I'm also thinking of adding this to my shopping cart just because it's so cute:

I don't think I ever showed you guys this before but I had a piece custom made by dezforget on etsy a while back. I don't have photos of the actual piece made but she used this octopus and created a cuff-like bracelet. LOVE LOVE LOVE

17 April 2009

cotton candy scent

Today was a 4 B Friday at werk:


I had 3 of the 4.

I went home at lunch to take the dage* to the vet for his rabies shot. When I got to the apartment to pick up Captain Little Bear, the little black cat was in the The Captain's crate just chillin'. Then when we got back after the appointment both the cats were in the crate together! I sent My Heart this photo of the 2 of them:

His response:
OMG! Those cats are such tricksters! They act like they all hate each other and then LB is all like, "yeah it's cool if you guys hang in my pad, just don't scratch anything. Hey Krunchy, we're still on for a fight at 8 o'clock right."

Damn cute animals.
What a great family we've turned into! I love those guys :-)

*We live in a neighborhood full of foreigners. Recently there was a missing dog poster up all over the place with a photo and a difficult to put together description. What I got out of it was they were missing their dage and wanted help finding it. Ever since, The Captain has been referred to as our dage.

16 April 2009

dance to my name

The music guys here at Aspect Ratio are awesome... always sharing cool shit with us.
Check this out:

Tone Matrix

15 April 2009

james and the giant peach too

My Mom works in the department of vital records. Seems like this is the place to be to run into random people from your past.

She once told me about the ex-boyfriend who came in for a birth certificate. She recognized him and then once she saw his name she knew who he was. He responded with something along the lines of, "oh, um... yea, I think I might have dated her." Which is just crazy bullshit because we absolutely dated and almost lived together and rescued a cat together - that I still have! What an asshole. He was also the ex that decided he needed to leave a package for me at the restaurant I worked at after we broke up. In said package, a pair of my undies I had left after leaving him. Really!? Did I mention he was an asshole?

Yesterday my Mom emailed that a teacher from our elementary school came in. Again she recognized him and once she saw his name, asked if he was a teacher. I had him for what we would consider home room in the 4th grade. Without my Mom telling him who she was, he remembered each one of us girls and in the order we were in his class. That was over 20 years ago!

Then I got to thinking about the 4th grade... what a great year. My teachers felt like they really cared that year and I think I had some awesome friends. (Everything might have started to go down hill from there.) So thank you Mr. Gaggi for reading us the BFG and Mrs. Burkin for reading us The Witches. Those memories are forever ingrained in my psyche. Oh, and thanks for being awesome. AK, you rocked your Micheal Jackson in the talent show. Just saying. Also, if you're looking down from somewhere... Thank you 4th grade BF AV for trading shoes with me and sharing your cough drops (and helping me cheat on math homework). Love you guys!

14 April 2009

get out there and kick your heels

Some of you may have noticed that I have started using Twitter. I did this to try and help with the running of The Great Urban Race. It did not help but I'm still sending out my Tweets on a fairly regular basis. It's fun in a mini-blogging/facebook status kind of way. I follow and am followed by a random assortment of those I know, those that inform, and those that just wanna keep it interesting.
I ran across this blog post today. It was the gorgeous and amusing photos that initially capture my attention but what kept my interest is that she is following 3 different Karl Lagerfelds on Twitter! I'm going to start following them and her just for kicks. And her blog looks like it might be fun too.

Isn't it interesting that so much of our human interaction is limited to the latest in technology yet we interact with a limitless amount of humans because of this?

12 April 2009

the one in the middle is the green kangaroo

Once in college I had this bunny costume rented from a local shop for a big community Easter egg hunt. Since it was Colorado, it snowed and the hunt was canceled. Not wanting the costume to go to waste I dressed up in it and ran errands around town as the Easter Bunny. The kids loved it and lined up at the grocery store to give me hugs. The people at the bank weren't quite as welcoming. It's one of my fondest memories.

Happy Easter everyone!

09 April 2009

tiny dancer

I may be on the hunt for these... missed my opportunity and now I'm sad but hopefully if I look I will find another open door.

08 April 2009

razor blades and hair dye

So I'm going to be a little more self absorbed than usual for a while. Forgive me if I take a step back from you and get lost in my new home. If you need me, reach out and I'll be here... you know how to find me. I need this time to focus on my good. Don't be hurt or angry because I am not. Also, if you're not happy for me because it's not fair - I understand. Life is not fair. But know this, I've worked and sacrificed to be where I'm at right now. Nothing came easy. So after all that time, that self hurt and pain I am here. And I am going to be happy. Maybe we just need this time away from one another. Maybe you'll start to miss me and then it won't feel so much like a tug of war. Thanks for everything. Take care. XOXO

Maybe this is all an excuse so I won't feel so hurt and/or angry.

07 April 2009

ugh for lack of

even if you can't see me
i am still here
the reflection of you in the mirror

you the prettier of two evils
me wandering but trying to hold on

and if you close your eyes
i am still here
the dreams you once had to fear

your nightmares setting us free
but i am scared of being let go

so let the light show you
i am still here
a piece of you in each tear

06 April 2009

set your piggies free

On a day when you're sad because you aren't sure what the truth is or if anyone is going to set it free...
On a day when you're tired because your new life is more work than you anticipated...
On a day when you're not sure what's up or what's down or if you're shoes are even tied...
On a day when the sun is covered by the clouds and the storm is threatening...
Or even on a day just like today...
That's when you need this...

03 April 2009

you came in a close second

Question of the Day from @SANTINORICE via Twitter:

SANTINORICE No, Seriously Though, Question Of The Day- You're On Death Row- What Do You Request As Your Last Meal?

Answer from @bearattackgirL via Twitter:

@SANTINORICE Macaroni & Cheese, Bread Pudding and a bottle of Veuve

02 April 2009

you can call me lil mama

if you know me or if you've read me long enough you know i love cupcakes. i'm thinking of tattooing a cupcake behind my ear, something maybe the size of a quarter. i also want this necklace:

(click on the image to be taken to Lucid New York where you can purchase this and other lovely items!)

We have keys! It is officially our very own house now. Painting party is this Saturday if you wanna stop by and take a look at the digs pre-move in. YAY!!!