30 June 2009

what ever happened to tuesday

There's something about driving in the car all by yourself that lets the sadness seep in. The loss of life puts everything in perspective and that time alone just helps your thoughts roam freely. I'm notorious for crying on my drive in to work. This morning was no exception. That Van Morrison song Brown Eyed Girl came on the radio and it reminded me of the people that love me and that I love.

Of the 3 girls my parents had, I am the only one with brown eyes. I believe my sisters used to refer to them as my poop brown eyes (or maybe that was just me - I've always been jealous of their blue eyes and brown hair). When I left my home in Colorado Springs almost 10 years ago one of my sisters made me a CD. On it were a lot of songs about my new home, California. But it also had songs that would remind me that it was from her and showed me how much she loved me. It's one of my favorite gifts ever. And because Brown Eyed Girl is on that CD I can't help but think of my sisters when I hear it. I miss them. It makes me sad to be so far away from them and their lives.

To all you people out there listening, life goes by in the blink of an eye. Before you know it times are lost and we're all grown. Don't forget to say thank you and I love you and to share part of yourself with friends and family. I'm sad that my platelets weren't the cure but at least he knew I cared and I got to see his smile one last time. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some phone calls to make.


Minn said...

I think you started the poop brown, we just kept it alive ;)

Don't forget you use Gmail!

I love you.

amy b.s. said...

i totally tear up on my drive to work when i hear certain songs. i have no idea why. it's silly really because they don't really relate to anything. although, i teared up watching america's got talent last night too, so maybe i just have an emotional problem!

the girL said...

i certainly have an emotional problem - i almost always tear up during the dances on SYTYCD!

Matilda said...

Brown Eyed Girl is one of Peter's favourits because of course it reminds him of me. It's a special song for both of us!
Sending love across the ocean.