16 June 2009

dreaming of being a tiger

I've been really grumpy so far this week. Maybe it's change. Maybe it's PMS. Maybe I'm just tired. But watch out... I'M A BITCH!
  • I hate that you can never make plans with some friends 'cause they always flake but then you see all the other shit they do on facebook.
  • I hate when stupid people get recognition for shit they didn't even do.
  • I hate when people have a wandering eye as you're trying to have an important conversation with them.
  • I hate when people forget you're standing right there and either A) completely ignore you as they talk to someone else (that you don't know) or B) talk shit as if you aren't standing right there.
  • I hate not knowing what's going on at work even though it's going to effect my job.
  • I hate trying to do something but never getting it done.
  • I hate feeling so tired and so grumpy and maybe a little bit sad but not knowing exactly why.

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