12 June 2008

when nordstrom doesn't work


I can not find the perfect dress to wear to tomorrow night's Key Art Awards. I just need a cute little cocktail dress that doesn't make me look like a) a house, b) a mom or c) a hooker.

I'm really into red right now but hoping to actually find something in that color or that can be coordinated with it - now that's pushing it. I'll probably just go with something black I already own and put some red accessories with it. There's no fun in that but at least it gets the job done.

Some times shopping can be so frustrating.

I did find a new pair of sunglasses yesterday during my dress hunt. Fossil's Alexie:

I just need to do something about all that bling on the side of them...


Matilda said...

I think black with red accessories will be perfect! and the bling on the sunnies are gorgeous! dont' change them!
You will look beautiful no matter what you wear.
Senidng love across the ocean.

Daniel Vasey said...

Darling...let me introduce you to the wonderful world of BCBG...they have the cutest dresses...RUN, don't walk!