08 July 2008

where the dryer takes you

Over the 4th of July weekend one of the cable channels was doing a marathon of Holiday movies and not necessarily the holiday you would think. Yeah, sure it was Independence Day and all but these holiday movies had more to do with Santa Claus saving the day than Will Smith saving the world.

When my sisters and I were young we had this VHS tape of animated holiday specials we had recorded off of TV during winter vacation. We would pull it out during summer vacation, cover the windows with blankets (made it feel more like winter) and pretend that Santa would be paying us a visit any day. Talk about Christmas in July.

I wonder if my sisters remember doing this like I do or if it's something I was enchanted by alone. I don't know but it sure brought a warm fuzzy feeling thinking back to those days as I watched Nicole Eggert realize how great her real life was in Holiday Switch (sure to be an instant classic).

Guess I've always loved the winter.


Daniel Vasey said...

Darling, we are kindred spirits. Whenever I'm sick of summer and ready to feel the chill, I too close up shop, make my bedroom as cold as possible, crawl under the covers and I watch Anna Karenina with Vivien Leigh....burrrrrrrr ;)

Matilda said...

I love that we are a lot alike in many ways... winter, winter, winter, my fav.! Can't wait to see you in our winter!
Sending love across the ocean.
21 more sleeps!

the girL said...

I guess I was off in my email to you Aunt M! It is now 20 sleeps and not the wishful thinking of 18 sleeps!

Minn said...

Sometimes you were off in your own little Chellie world, this was not one of them. This was definitely up there with furniture polish ice skating and dance routines set to sweet eighties music. awesome.

Matilda said...

Remember you will lose a day coming here... maybe that's why the numbers weren't the same.
Love you.