27 July 2008

the blume of it all

Are you there God? It's me, Margaret...

I turn 30 in 5 days. I leave tonight on a 16 hour flight to go celebrate down under. I am ready to be 30. I am ready to start this next chapter in life.

Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of Friend A's death. We did the midnight bike ride to the beach in celebration of his life - or maybe more in celebration of life. He had barely begun this journey into 30-dom before it all ended. Yet, he lived more and gave more in that short amount of time then any other human I have ever met. I can't describe Friend A because he is beyond words - he was that amazing.

His wife, Friend C, has left Australia and is now in solitude in Bali. She is nothing short of amazing herself. I found that on this anniversary of Friend A's death, her absence was more of a hole in my heart than his. I've grown familiar with the fact that he is gone and I've found comfort in her presence.

A & C have an amazing love story. One I could never do justice here. I can only say that knowing their story has taught me so much about love, so much about life. I appreciate each day I have and each day I share with My Heart.

Turning 30 alone is special but turning 30 together and continuing on our journey is a precious gift that I am thankful for with every breath I take.

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Minn said...

Good luck on your flight. Hope it's easy! When will you be home?