22 July 2008

one tall order

If I wasn't already going on an adventure down under for my 30th birthday (or saving up to buy my dream house), I'd treat myself to these in honor of the next decade of my life...

I've also been wanting a pair of riding boots for the past decade of my life so maybe I'd have to get these also...


Daniel Vasey said...

The heals...amazing! The riding boots...well, let me say this. I too have always wanted riding boots. But those are...well...they ARE NOT riding boots. Find a good equestrian outfitter and get the real deal! Preferably something with a chic little buckle somewhere. I hear they are hell on earth to break in but well worth it.


P.S. what are you planning to bring me back from Australia? I swear to god if it's a boomerang or has a kangaroo on it I'll cry.

Matilda said...

Love the shoes... can see you in those... the boots... not so much.
Daniel, I won't let Michele buy you a boomerang or a kangaroo anyhting!!!!
Sending love across the ocean. 6 more sleeps! Yay!!!!

Daniel Vasey said...

Mucho gusto, Matilda. Something in a pair of Aussiebum briefs will do quite nicely for me. ; )

Michele, how many people don't get the "sleeps" thing? Are we the only people who saw "House of D"...a fav of mine!