02 July 2008

the daily gotham

I am officially signed up for a 5k on September 21st.
I will officially begin training next week.
I will do some cardio including the treadmill this week.
I am scared.
I am excited.

In other news...

Looks like my puppy will be ok. We will know more later this week.

I am on disc 2 of season four of Sex and the City and never realized I would actually like this show. I've wanted so badly to hate it. We've started working on the home video campaign for the movie so I've got to get through all these episodes and see that movie before work ruins it.

I do not care to see Wall-E but I can not wait to see The Dark Knight.

Tomorrow will be 3 years that My Heart and I have been dating. We are going to a fancy sushi restaurant for dinner.

25 more sleeps until Australia.


Daniel Vasey said...

YOU NEVER WATCHED SATC? The i-Ching for the modern girl? Darling! I'd sell my MOTHER to work on that campaign! Everything you need to know about life, love, and lubrication can be found in the hallowed tomes of those DVDs. Watch, listen, absorb...LEARN!


Matilda said...

Yippee! 25 more sleeps! Can't wait until you are here! Sending love across the ocean.