20 July 2008

machine is my favorite word

There's this piece of me that has always had a thing for vintage cars. The beauty of an era passed, the sophistication in these true machines. In particular I have a love for the Ford Falcon. I envision having a first or second generation (1960 to 1965) restored sitting in my garage waiting for that Sunday afternoon drive up the coast.

Yesterday Glendale had it's annual Cruisin' Night in downtown. My Heart and I rode our bikes over to it and I got some photos (with my new camera) of these great classics all restored to look even better then they did in their hay day. Sadly, no Falcons.

1 comment:

Matilda said...

Yet another thing we have in common! Hopefully we can organise a ride in Barry's mustang while you are here... and if it's a nice sunny winter day we can request the top to be down!!!!