07 July 2008

the cap i wear

I'm starting the week rested and relaxed after a wonderful 3 day weekend.

Got to leave work early on Thursday after an extended lunch with old friends. That evening had delicious sushi and received my anniversary/early birthday present from My Heart... the amazing camera I had oh so been longing for.

Lazed around the house on Friday until the late afternoon when we decided to go see Wanted. It was a good movie but not great. My Heart also found a fun Fourth activity for us in the valley that concluded with an amazing fireworks show.

Got up Saturday morning for a hike up Runyan Canon with Friend A, My Heart and the Captain - lucky dog had to be carried most of the hike because of the heat. Came home for a nap and a shower before heading over to Friends R & B's house warming BBQ.

Did the grocery/household shopping yesterday and concluded the day with a group of friends at the movie theater. It was Friend C's birthday so we all went to see Hancock together. Again good but not great - definitely not as bad as I thought it would be. Although the visual effects were pretty bad and I'm not a fan of the director. It's always nice to go to the movies with friends though.

Now on to the work week... and running. I officially start my training for the 5k this week. And the Captain has surgery to remove his tumor on Thursday. We have tickets to a Ricky Gervais warm-up show on Thursday night in Brentwood if anyone is interested. Don't think we'll have it in us to leave our puppy for a few chuckles.

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Daniel Vasey said...

You just got a camera...PICTURES! I WANT PICTURES!!!