14 July 2008

brings tears to my eyes

My Heart and I used to have date night once a week where we would cook a new meal together and spend the night in peace - no TV. We still do no TV Tuesdays and Thursdays but we don't cook together as often as we used to.

On Friday we were going to do fajita and margarita night but due to a long week at work it ended up being fajita and bottle of wine night. I got out of work a little later than we had hoped so he started without me...

He's usually sensitive to onions so I always had to cut them - that is until I bought him the onion action goggles. And they really work!


Matilda said...

There will be no onion chopping for either of you when you are here! How cool are those goggles and the pink ones for girls... adorable!
See you soon! Sending love across the ocean!

Daniel Vasey said...

That is so sweet! I need those goggles...onions are the end of me!