17 July 2008

midnight snack before midnight

Tonight is the full moon. May explain my crazy self today. All the work may also be to blame. It's really great to have a good team on your side on days like this.

I need to let go and trust my assistant more. He gets it done and he's really good people. We have such laughs and it's definitely more sincere than the last time. He may not have that technical know how of the last time but at least he's good spirited.

Yesterday was the last day of one of our team members. When I first started I thought she meant trouble. I can honestly say I will miss her. She told me I was eternal sunshine. That felt great.

Driving home from work tonight at 10pm after 13 hours of non-stop excitement I caught a few moments of the firework show at the Hollywood Bowl. It was a nice little spy.

I need to decompress so I can sleep and hopefully fight off this cold I feel coming on.

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Matilda said...

Go straigt to your chiropractor if you are feeling like a cold coming on! The last thing you want is a cold on a long flight to Melbourne. An adjustment will free up your nervous system and help you body heal itself and work to it's full potential... go straight to you chiropractor!!!!