02 June 2008

when the elves come out to play

Over the weekend I worked on the construction of a parade float. It was actually a lot of fun. It's great to be crafty but man do I have a lot to learn. There were 2 girls there with some major skills. It was pretty inspiring.

I spent the day building a giant stove out of cardboard boxes and an industrial sized mixer out of a plant potter, poster board and tin foil. My favorite part was the spray painting though. I really want to find some projects of my own that involve spray painting. I think I could be really good at it.

A friend of mine recently agreed to teach me how to weld (another thing I have always wanted to do). Maybe with the combo I can create some great pieces. The possibilities would be endless. How exciting to work with my hands!


Minn said...

Did you ever think about being a dancing welder? (We just watched Flashdance the other nite)

Matilda said...

I remember working on floats for Homecoming in High School... but yours sounds very elaborate!
Send photos of it...

the girL said...

I will post photos next week.
(Minn you are funny but if I was a dancing welder than 2 of my dreams would have come true)