18 June 2008

not even a taco can fix it

I have been grumpy for 2 days. I don't know why - I am not PMSing thank you very much. I am just grumpy.

Yesterday at our finishing meeting I got annoyed with the boys talking about the stupid Lakers and not being concerned enough with the actual finishing that was going on. I'm glad the Lakers lost. Now we all need to get serious and worry about the work that's going to happen while I'm away on vacation.

I took that annoyance home to My Heart and he had to put up with it for the night. Sorry my love... it wasn't you, it's me.

Today I feel like everyone's lazy. Don't they want to go that extra mile for their job? For me?

I'm going to try and work this anger out at the gym tonight and not take it home again. I really need to get over myself. In the mean time, I'm going to take the advise of Friend D's mom...



Matilda said...

That is a good strategy! Good luck! and I think my three day rule applies to grumpyness... you'll have to review my blog.
Sending love across the ocean.

Daniel Vasey said...


As the reigning Grand Empress of Moodiness, all I can say is don't over-think it. Sometimes you're just on the emotional rag. If anybody has a problem with it, say what I always say to EVERY criticism..."These things happen." :)


Daniel Vasey said...

Oh...and I just say...the title of this post sounds like a lesbian cry for help...you said "taco"...teehee