15 June 2008

when it all falls into place

My mentor, my teacher, my father... thank you for all you have given me in life.

The confidence to try anything I've set my mind to.

The pride in knowing that I can be the best.

The drive to compete at the same level as all the tough boys out there.

The love that never ends even when I feel like a failure.

Being a Daddy's Girl growing up I always wanted to please my Dad. I played sports. I excelled in academics. I volunteered. I participated in anything I found slightly interesting. Because of all this I am a successful, independent and happy person. I am me today because of what my Dad has taught me over the years. Thank you Dad. I love you. Happy Fathers Day!


Matilda said...

Happy Father's Day to your Dad! I hope he's had a great day!
Sending love across the ocean.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thoughtful comment. You make me SO proud :-) All I ever wanted to do was give you opportunities, you took those and flourished becoming the successful young lady that you are. Be proud of your successes and continue to seek new challenges for both you and your Heart to grow together. I love you.



....and Matilda, thank you very much for the thoughts, as a matter of fact i did have a great day!