09 June 2008

lifting the fog juice

I have been removed from the world that is blog. My work and personal life are barely fitting into 24 hours per day... sleep is suffering, exercise is suffering and my blog is suffering. Sad, I know. I will catch you all up slowly but surely.

My Heart had a dream that we was at a movie premiere hanging out with Jack Black. When he recounted the details of this dream he said how happy he was in it. Even though I was slowly falling into a slumber of my own it made me smile.

I then had a dream that A wrote a secret memoir before he died. I was reading it and going to these places he had been, investigating this almost double life he was living that none of us knew about. The details are foggy now - I was there but I wasn't as people and places unfolded turning things too bizarre for words. It made me feel my own special connection - to see this, what he had experienced.

Old and distant friend M from the original LA crew recently lost her mother... love to you M and wish you safety and warmth.

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