04 June 2008

not even on the payroll

Have you tried these!?

OMFG - I think they are so amazingly delicious.
It's a tragedy they are only for a limited time.


Matilda said...

You will have to bring some with you!!!! I gave Peter personalised M&Ms for Christmas, thanks to Thomas organising it for me! He still hasn't eaten them!
Sending love across the ocean!

the girL said...

Oh, what did they say!? I have always wanted to do personalized M&Ms but don't for what yet...

Matilda said...

Some of them just had his initials PJE and the others said happy holidays... I'll show you when you are here! They really are cute!

And did you know you could personalise your own Kleenix tissue box too... with photos! I love that... but haven't done it yet!