30 May 2008

my puzzle piece connected

So what the hell is a finisher anyway? I know it doesn't make sense. People in my own industry don't get it unless they are one. So, even though I was trying to be a bit cryptic I will explain further.

I am a post production supervisor for a motion picture marketing company in Hollywood. Sounds fancy and I guess it is but it's much easier to say I'm a finisher. That's how I was brought up in the business so that's what I believe.

Long story, well, long... I came out to LA from Colorado over 8 years ago in hopes of finding a career in editing. I fell into finishing because I am naturally organized, detail oriented and have an eagle eye.

So here I am. A post production supervisor (that's what my new business card says anyway).

IMDB defines Post-Production Supervisor as follows:
"A person overseeing the entire post-production of a project. They report directly to the producer and/or the studio in charge of the feature. Working side by side with the director and editor, the supervisor has the responsibility of finishing the film on time and on budget while satisfying the wants of the director. Post-production supervisors have authority over post-production coordinators. Typical duties include: controlling all activities with vendors such as optical houses, sound facilities, inserts, ADR, reshooting, CGI, score, delivery requirements to domestic and international distributors, legal clearances, preview screenings, color timing, video mastering and budgeting the movie through the completion and delivery."
That's basically what I do but on a smaller scale. I finish TV spots, trailers, radio spots, etc. for the advertising campaigns on movies. I love it and I'm proud to say that I think I'm really good at it. There was a brief period in my professional career when I didn't think this is what I was supposed to be doing. I left to find myself and what I found was that I am a finisher at heart and I love it. I have also had a short stint working on features which was great and a little less stressful because you have so much more time to "finish" a feature than you do a TV spot or trailer. When it comes down to it though, I'm meant to be on the real tail end of the finish.

Any questions?


Daniel Vasey said...

Every time I read "Finisher" all I can think of is that movie "Fluffer" and I think, "Damn, Michele gets the best part!" teehee

the girL said...

I sure do! ;-)

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Aha! For some reason today I was wondering if you ever answered my question about a finisher and sweet you, you did. I'm impressed sounds like you are super organized, like I would love to be however I don't think it's meant to be, hee hee!