20 June 2008

how do we know we can fix it

My 3 days are up and you know what, I do feel better. "These things happen..."

It's amazing the support that comes if you let it when you're in that dark little hole.

Walking to get a smoothie and some sun with Friend DB.

The comments from Aunt M & Friend D that made me smile in the midst of it all. D - I especially liked the "taco" comment... laughed my ass off because of course I didn't see it that way at all but the minute I read it out loud realized how right you were!

Received the best video message from Friends C & J who are currently living in Australia. It was sweet and pure and loving and it was exactly what I needed from them after months of feeling their absence. It made me laugh and it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you guys.

Then there was the connection that happened yesterday. Friend ME is working in London for an extended period of time and he touched base via IM yesterday. The usual chit chat turned more serious when the question of what is currently reality in our lives came up. It was nice to feel that connection and that understanding with someone, someone I'd never realized was in the same boat as I am. So #16 on the to do list will be tackled with the love and support and camaraderie of Friend ME.

And My Heart, I know your efforts are sincere and I appreciate every last bit of you reaching out to me even when the darkness has no real explanation.

Thank you all for the love and for being who you are - I love you!


Matilda said...

Yeah! the three days are up... glad you are feeling better! I remember a dear friend of mine once said that I am allowed to have bad days...I think we need them from time to time... you had grumy days... that's allowed too! I love the three day rule...seems to work every time.
Sending love across the ocean.

Daniel Vasey said...

Much love to you darling. Glad I brought a smile! Misses and kisses from my table to yours!