17 October 2008

they make the shoes at night

There's this little tradition I started when I moved to LA. Every year I go see The Nightmare Before Christmas at the El Capitan. It's this old theater in Hollywood owned by Disney. And I love it.
Last week My Heart surprised me with tickets to the first night's showing (which is tonight).
He also told me he had another surprise but wouldn't tell me what. I had my suspicions since I had also been hinting about going to see the Nutcracker this year. I've always loved the Nutcracker and one of the theaters near our house is doing a performance of it. Since we're not going home for the holidays I thought it would be a sweet thing to do together.
So the other night, to trick him into revealing whether or not it was tickets to this show he had bought as my second surprise, I came home and told him I had bought tickets. The look on his face said it all and I couldn't help but laugh. I'm sorry My Heart but you know how I love a good surprise - for about 2 seconds and then I just HAVE to know what it is! Thank you :-)


Matilda said...

You are your Auntie's Niece!!! I love a good surprise too...for about 2 seconds then I have to know!!!!
Enjoy!!! Sending love across the ocean.

ps. Uncle PJ got the all clear and can now drive... he will be having an MRI soon, just a precaution and dr being thorough.

the girL said...

We are SO much alike! I love it!
And I am so happy to hear that Uncle PJ is doing well - thank god for good health care.