15 October 2008

small wonder

Today is the family's last day of vacation in Southern California. Tomorrow they fly home to beautiful Colorado where it really is Fall (damn you 90 degree weather!).
So Dad and his wife drove out to Hollywood to see where the magic is made. Sadly, it's in a dumpy alley off Cahuenga (ok, ok, it's not that bad). But we did head over to Hollywood and Highland to check out where My Heart works and grab a bite to eat.
We ended up at this newer place we had never tried called uWink. Weirdest lunch experience ever. No waiter just a computer. Everything, anything you need you find on this touch screen and order it up. Worst part, you are still expected to tip. Best part, there are also games on the touch screen. Good food but kind of like working for your meal.

1 comment:

Matilda said...

I want a live person to bring me my food and drink that I am paying for.
Unusual concept. I just did my own checkout at Big W this week. Hadn't done that here before.

Sending love across the ocean.