23 October 2008

if the rain in spain fell on my brain


Tofu skins are delicious (mmm dinner).
Cupcakes are delicious (mmm lunch).
Stupid people are not (eww, every day).

My hair is in an annoying awkward stage (thank god for headbands).
My running regime is in an annoying awkward stage (next 5k in just over a month).
My job is not (things are pretty good).

Enjoyed the Kings game on Monday night because the Avs beat them (thanks Team AE).
Enjoyed dinner with the girls on Tuesday night because they are all so amazing (XOXO).
Do not enjoy the traffic on my commute some days (like today).

Saturday I will go see a movie with Friend A (of Team AE).
Saturday I will go celebrate baby Charbyn (at Friend R's baby shower).
Saturday I will play football (with the Orange Team).

Sunday I will probably do nothing.

Tomorrow is Friday!

What are you doing this weekend?

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