13 October 2008

gearing up for what's ahead

I have been a busy girL this weekend, the family is in town. They arrived on Thursday but are staying in Orange County so we didn't meet up with them until Friday. My Heart and I both took the day off to join them at Disneyland. It was such a great time! I had worried that by starting out at 8am the kids would be too tired to make it to the fireworks show at 9:3opm - boy was I wrong! 15 hours at Disneyland and they wanted more! It's amazing how contagious a sense of wonderment and excitement can be.

Saturday was a quieter and colder day (YAY FINALLY!) and of course we spent it at the beach. It wasn't very inviting but we made the best of it. Ran in to Friends C & J and got to introduce my Dad to them (eventually - sorry about that!). AND... the best part of all... My Heart and I played in our first coed touch football game!!! It was so much more fun than I had anticipated. We are the Orange team (Multiple Scoregasms) and the Orange team kicked some butt winning the first game of the season. Whoo hoo - go us. Friend J was awesome on the field beating out some of the boys even! I need some practice but did take a stiff arm to the face from some dude and was still able to tackle him.

Yesterday was more amusement park fun at Universal Studios with the whole fam except for My Heart (damn back again). We also had a nice sushi dinner before heading off to Griffith Park. It's interesting to see how much my Dad has changed over the years. He rode rides and ate sushi - who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!?

It's good to be at work today though, I needed a break from my staycation.


Matilda said...

Disneyland! The place for kids of ALL ages! Sounds like you had heaps of fun... and great job on tackling!!!!
Sending love across the ocean.

Daniel Vasey said...

Yeah Girl Power!